Thursday 4 February 2016

Exclusive hair and make-up by PORTRAITS BRIDAL

Most Curious is delighted to welcome the dynamic duo that is Portraits Bridal back to London 2016!! For fashion-conscious brides, your wedding hair and make-up has never been in safer hands.

Lead by Zara Vernazza, Head Hair Stylist and Nadia Matoorian-Farrow, Head Make-Up Artist, Portraits Bridal specialises in bespoke hair and make-up for weddings and bridal fashion.

With recent features in Elle Wedding and Vogue, Zara and Nadia, are at the apex of bridal beauty, creating looks individually tailored for each of their brides.

Zara has creative roots (*groan, sorry..) growing up in a family of hairdressers and has worked on a number of West End musicals, developing her skill as a hair stylist as well as having her work gracing various fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Make-Up Artist, Nadia focuses on bridal fashion and wedding make-up using the best luxury products, along with on-trend techniques to create seamlessly beautiful and timeless looks.

Nadia has also worked as a make-up artist with a number of exceptionally talented photographers, fashion designers, celebrities, publications and events including backstage at London Fashion Week and also featuring in publications such as Elle WeddingVogue, Dotty Vintage Magazine and Kit Magazine.

Photography by Natalie J Weddings

For our 2016 campaign shots we were delighted when Portraits agreed to do the hair & make-up, and we absolutely love the results.

So much so we asked them to be the official backstage hair and make-up team for the Most Curious fashion shows at this year's London wedding fairs. Working closely with the designers, we know their Team will work their magic to create hair and make-up looks that will compliment each designer and inspire onlookers.

Hi ladies, talk us through a typical day in your life.

We really love the variety of jobs that come our way. Zara works as a “wiggy” part time in theatre on Les Miserables. Being a "west end wiggy" means Zara gets to run around backstage setting wigs for the cast and generally having fun, she loves the live theatre element and the pace of the show keeps her quick on her toes, you really have to think on your feet! 

Nadia spends most days split between entertaining her 1 year old daughter and liaising with new and existing brides and clients. Nadia spends much for her time researching new ideas and exciting products in preparation for Portraits clients. Once the little one decides to go to bed, Nadia can be found testing out her new beauty and make-up products most evenings.

Other than that Zara and Nadia can be found making people beautiful on various fashion shoots, music videos and getting through their long list of regular private clients, but above all their passion lies in the Bridal Hair and Make-Up Service. 

Zara and Nadia typically spend hours on the phone each day (and sometimes in the middle of the night!) emailing and texting one other with their latest project ideas and thoughts on how they plan to conquer the world!

Who or what is inspiring you right now?
Zara is forever inspired by the likes of Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton. Both ladies carry their individual styles so well and look effortlessly cool at all times. 

Zara feels that you can relate to them both as women and stylistically – these are some of most requested looks Zara is asked to recreate. Alexa and Fearne create the waves and people dive in! 

Zara also absolutely loved the J.W.Anderson show for Spring 2016, Head Hairstylist Anthony Turner sent his models down the runway with simple ponytails that had been twisted and secured. A trend that she’s predict will be big for next year generally and one that can be adapted to suit a bridal but oh so cool look, exciting!

Nadia follows closely and is inspired by world renowned Make-Up Artists such as the great Pat McGrath and especially loved both the Dolce & Gabanna and Versace make-up creations for Milan Fashion Week, SS2016. 
Pat’s designs can be used as inspiration to create alternative but beautiful and fashion forward bridal looks that so many of our Portraits brides request. 

Taking looks from the runway and adapting them into wearable bridal looks play a key role in Nadia’s passion in keeping the Portraits service alternative to the usual static bridal looks that have been circulating over the years.

Photography by Natalie J Weddings

Describe a Portraits bride.
A typical Portraits bride is modern, style conscious and creative with her ideas and approach to her special day. 

We like to cater to everyone’s unique sense of style and feel that the law of attraction typically means that we do have quite an arty and fashion based clientele, however that’s not to say that we don't cater to more classic looks as can be seen from the large variety and combination of weddings that can be found in the "Real Brides" section on our website. 

We take great care at having an in-depth conversation with each individual bride before, during and post trial – making specific notes on everything from her venue, flowers, colour scheme, dress etc. This really helps us to build a picture of the bride so that we capture her very essence when we develop her final look for the day.

Photography by On Love and Photography

Most Curious are delighted that Portraits are coming to our London show at the Old Truman Brewery so get your tickets now and pop by to chat with Zara and Nadia about your unique bridal look!

Portraits // Bridal Hair & Make-up


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  8. Portraits Bridal, led by Zara Vernazza and Nadia Matoorian-Farrow, is a renowned duo specializing in bespoke hair and makeup for weddings and bridal fashion. With a background in West End musicals and a family of hairdressers, they bring a creative touch to hairstyling. Nadia, a makeup artist with experience in fashion shows, publications, and events, focuses on using luxury products and on-trend techniques. They have been featured in Elle Wedding and Vogue and have been the official backstage hair and makeup team for Most Curious fashion shows. The duo's passion lies in bridal hair and makeup, and they spend hours communicating to plan and execute their projects. Portraits brides are described as modern, style-conscious, and creative, with a diverse clientele ranging from artistic to classic looks. Most Curious is excited to have Portraits Bridal at their London show, providing an opportunity for brides to connect with them for their unique bridal looks. accidente de motocicleta

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