Friday 26 February 2016

A modern twist on vintage styles from KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA

We all know that wonderful feeling when we try on a piece of clothing and everything about it feels right, the cut, the colour, how it looks, the way it makes us feel, we just know it's THE ONE. And if ever there is a time when you need to find the one, it's when you go looking for your wedding dress. KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA understand just how important this is and are most definitely one bridal wear label you need to check out if you hope to find the dress of your dreams.

Latvian native Katya Shehurina is the designer behind this internationally acclaimed bridal wear label. She studied the craft of couture at the prestigious ESMOD fashion design school and after graduating worked for the reknowned French designers Nicolas Fafiotte and David Purves, before deciding to launch her own business in 2007.

An affinity for vintage styles and exclusively feminine cuts is apparent in Katya's designs, but the incorporation of a modern aesthetic ensure her dresses will appeal to the contemporary bride.

Impeccable craftmanship is integral to the design process, with each garment being handmade using only the finest fabrics, such as gauzy French laces and Italian silks, bestowing a timeless elegance on all Katya Katya Shehurina gowns. Versatility and comfort are also essential elements and their made-to-order gowns can be customised in a number of ways, guaranteeing a fit and look that is truly yours.

Most of their gowns can be worn with a separate slip lining beneath and the beauty of this is that you can choose the colour of the slip, easily transforming your dress. Choose a white or nude slip for a more traditional look during the wedding ceremony and afterwards slip into something more colourful, and really let your individuality shine through.

A completely bespoke service is also available and together, you and the designer, can create the one of a kind wedding dress you have always dreamed of.

Katya Katya Sherhurina's latest collection, Venice, is inspired by this famous Italian city and the romanticism it embodies. Katya was enthralled with Venice's baroque traditions, weaving canals and architectural elements, with an emphasis on light, ornamentation and asymetry. This collection is rich, opulent, ornate and wonderfully romantic.

Katya Katya Shehurina are exhibiting at our London wedding show and are offering a £100 discount voucher to Most Curious brides who visit their stand, so get your tickets now and don't miss out.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

2016 Wedding Hair Trends by THE WEDDING HAIR COMPANY

What IS a stylish girl to do with her hair on her wedding day?

Bridal hair trends change subtly from season to season, influenced by the catwalk, and translating this to beautiful and wearable wedding hair is a job for the experts.

On our blog today, Emily Kent, hair and make-up artist and founder of The Wedding Hair Company, shares her top bridal hair tips for 2016.

Emily tells us:

"2015 was really all about the chignon, all styles revolved around low up-do's at the base of the neck. For 2016 we are shaking things up a bit and moving the hair around a lot more, it's exciting. 

Here are some of the styles that The Wedding Hair Company are seeing to be the new do's for this year. 

Accessory detailing

These accessories from Luna Bea Bridal are amazing, they have a seriously unique and special quality to them. 

Using accessories in this way I think will be big in 2016, accessories that can be placed throughout a whole style to detail it perfectly. 

Simple plaits

Plaits are always going to be massive with wedding hair, they are so versatile and transformable that they suit so many kinds of bridal styles. The feel of on trend braids is changing though and that will carry on into 2016. 

We think we are going to see a lot more simplistic braided styles rather than loads of mini braids making up a style, like this simple and rustic looking example.

Twisted styles

Simple twists are replacing braiding as an alternative technique to add texture and interest to hair styles. 

This example of a twisted halo instead of a braided halo shows that. It is a great way to show multi tonal colour through the hair as well. The accessories within this style are from Feather and Coal. 

Dried flowers

We have always worked with fresh flowers, its a great way to add personality and individualism to a clients look. 

Next year we hope to see more dried flowers in the hair, its adds a great rustic feel and is especially fitting doe country or bohemian style weddings. 

No more curls

We have been curling the hair less and less as we approach 2016. There seems to be a new appreciation for the simplicity of straighter hair. This is definitely a step away from previous trends over the last 12 months, when the hair is waved now the wave is becoming less and less visible, more of a soft bend than a curl. 

Hair up's - like this example show that the hair really doesn't have to have a tong anywhere near it to look great. The accessory within this shot is from Feather and Coal. 

Tailored florals

2016 will be all about specially tailored florals that fit the hair style perfectly. We love working with flowers in the hair, but in previous years flowers have been big and taken over the style to become the focal point. 

We hope that in 2016 we see more of these kind of looks, where the style is complimented by the flowers and not overshadowed. 

Textured plaits

A fishtail wont cut it anymore, plaits are getting more interesting than that. Plaiting is not as simple as 1,2,3 pieces of hair folded over one another now, there are literally hundreds of varieties to the technique. 

This is just one such example of hair turning the technique on its head creates really interesting looks. We will see loads of this in 2016 across all kinds of bridal looks. 

Pretty ponies

We hope to see more ponytails as we move into 2016, as there has certainly been a resurgence of love towards this simple style. However you dress it out - curled, high and big, or waved, low and small....brides are embracing it as a new go-to style. We LOVE it!"

Some inspirational advice from Emily and if you pop by her stand at our London show then she can advise on a Most Curious bridal style just for you. Get your tickets now!

The Wedding Hair Company

Thursday 18 February 2016

Creative bow ties and accessories by LE COLONEL MOUTARDE

And it was Colonel Truman Brewery...with the candlestick...sorry, a bit distracted here by THE most magnifique bow ties. 
We are delighted to welcome Lille-born, Le Colonel Moutarde, to our London 2016 Show. Without a doubt, the bow tie is BACK!
Photography by Tant De Poses
But it hasn't all been plain sailing. In fact, it all started with a frustration; Remi had a tough time finding a bow tie to his taste, so he decided to design and sew his own! 

         Le Colonel Moutarde å Londres!
His passion for sewing was passed on by his mother and grandmother and his home soon became a permanent exhibition of bow ties. His partner Clémence decided to create a blog to offer them for sale and, hey presto, Colonel Moutarde was born, ready to present its most beautiful creations. 

Today the Colonel is proud to have the largest collection of bow ties in France. And they don't just do bowties, they do pocket squares, boxer shorts, cuff links and braces too - for Most Curious grooms with style.

And we have the most exciting news for all you UK based grooms - Le Colonel Moutarde have just opened their UK flagship store at 10 Cheshire Street, London E2 6EHliterally just around the corner from our Brick Lane-based London show!
Cecile B. photography
Cecile B. photography

Talk us through a typical day in your life.

Every day I come to the shop at 10:00 - I'm not a early riser...
For most of the day, I deal with questions from grooms by phone, email or in person at our shop, helping them to find their perfect bow tie. 
Le Colonel Moutarde team
Then I work on social networks to show our recent creations - @lecolonelmoutardeAnother big part of my work is sourcing perfect fabrics with tiny patterns - my favourite! Obviously, there is also the worst part  - the admin.
Photography by Pierre Atelier

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

I love the japanese prints, which are a mix of classic & modern patterns, they are perfect for a modern groom.

We just came from Les Cyclades and all the blues were amazing, colour is a big part of our collections.

Jean-Philippe Lebée

Describe a LE COLONEL MOUTARDE groom.
Usually it is the groom, but many times it's the bride who makes the choice because she wants everything to go together and the men's accessories are the final touch.
Le Colonel Moutarde groom is a cool guy, who lives in keeping with his time. He 's not afraid of colours and he doesn't take himself too seriously.
Cecile B. photography

So buy your tickets to our 2016 show now and hook your man up with some seriously stylish men's accessories for your wedding day!

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Artistic wedding photography by ECLECTION

Who wants their wedding captured by a top London photographer?! We do! 

Creative London-based Eclection is run by Heather Shuker, who started her career in 2005 as a music photographer and went on to develop her craft at London’s Central St Martins and at the University of Brighton, where she was awarded an MA in Photography.

Heather works commercially and editorially for international brands and publications including Things & Ink magazine, where she is the in-house photographer.

Heather, please talk us through a typical day in your life

There is never really a typical day as a photographer.  I would love to describe the idealised view of a photographic artist out chasing light with old film cameras (which I collect of course?! ;)) photographing pretty girls with their hair blowing in the wind in dramatic landscapes. 

However... despite a desire to be outdoors capturing life with my camera, most days are
actually spent in my studio, editing and organising commercial shoots while listening to Robert Elms!

That said, personal work is very important for my creative development and inspiration.  

I am currently working on several personal projects, and at least once a year I go on a trip with my photography collective MAP6Right now I am editing a series I made recently in Lithuania and trying to arrange a return trip to Sierra Leone. 

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

There is so much beautiful wedding photography around now – so it’s a joy to work in an industry that is totally pushing creative boundaries and attracting and generating new photographic talent.

I try not to spend too much time looking at other “wedding” photographers’ work as I don’t want to be influenced by their images on a subconscious level – I want to create unique photographs for my couples using my own vision.  Instead, I indulge myself researching
contemporary fine art photographers.  I love the work of pretty much all Magnum photographers. I find their photographs fascinating, with their ability to tell a story that makes you look ... and then look again. 

particularly like Simon Roberts for fine art documentary and Lisa Sarfarti for portraits. For weddings, I find myself sparked by photographers doing something completely different from the mainstream, like Maheesh Shantaram in India.

 I am also about to launch a new blog called On Wedding Photography that will cover reflections and thoughts around the culture and art of wedding photography.

For inspiration I would also like to mention wedding blogs, which all work relentlessly to publish new ideas. Without these, the wedding photography industry would still be run by men wearing polo shirts shooting weddings in hotels with bows on chairs!

When time permits, I find inspiration in Love My Dress, which has gone from strength to strength in the last two years.  Content-wise, I think that it is a really honest blog that cares and is written with total sincerity. Photography-wise, the site publishes beautiful photography – timeless and stylish images made with love.

Describe an Eclection Photography couple.

Every wedding and every couple are totally unique so I don’t have an 'ideal’.  

I approach and photograph each event in a unique way – one that reflects the character and style of the couple and their wedding, and says to the bride and groom “Your photographs
reflect who you are and your personalities.”

I do however prefer to work with people who are drawn to art and aesthetics – as these are intrinsic elements of my photographic style. Mostly though I want to work with couples whom I would love to invite to my house for dinner or tea!

Tickets for our London show are on sale now so don't miss out and come and talk to Heather about your unique wedding day plans.

Thursday 11 February 2016

Wild, stylish florals by ELECTRIC DAISY FLOWER FARM

If inventive wedding florals are your style then Electric Daisy Flower Farm is right up your street.

Founder, Fiona Haser Bizony, has spent her life collecting beautiful and quirky objects and now combines her love of nature and art at EDFF - producing ethical harvests grown using sustainable garden practices, completely chemical free.

Most Curious loves that the "air miles are accumulated only by the amazing biodiversity of pollinating insects and wildlife who share the land with us." What an enchanting image.

EDFF grow a stunning variety of flowers and foliage and are passionate about creative horticulture. 
They also provide a DIY service where couples can come and pick their own blooms for their wedding day.

Fiona, please talk us through a typical day in your life.
Every day is different on a flower farm. That’s why I love my life. There’s always some interesting task to complete, always something new to learn. 

If I had to choose a favourite day it would be a 5am start in mid-summer. It sounds terrible I know, but I love the peace and quiet of that magical time when everyone else is still tucked up in bed. 

I drive to my flower fields with my empty buckets and cut the flowers needed for the next fews days. I love the meditative, rhythmic task of snipping and bunching my gorgeous flowers. 

Knowing that I’ve grown and nurtured them myself makes the harvest all the more satisfying. 

I stop picking as soon as I can feel the heat of the morning sun on the back of my neck. The flowers are then stored in a cool dark room where they ‘condition’, which is a technical term for having a long, cold drink. 

I usually leave them overnight before they go onto the next stage of their lives. 

My DIY brides come to HQ to pick up their buckets of perfectly conditioned flowers. It’s always nice to hand over my ‘babies’ to ‘loved up’ people who use their own creativity to make their Big Day extra special.
But my favourite brides are the ones who give me free reign to work my magic. Turning my flowers into arrangements is the part I love the most. 

When I’m making bridal bouquets and corsages, I’m in heaven. I’m always humming while I work, and the time flies by.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?
Coming from an arts background, I’m enjoying the horticultural/art mash ups that are beginning to happen right now. I’m in love with the Piet Oudolf's garden at Hauser and Wirth near us in Somerset. We visit regularly throughout the year to see the planting scheme as it changes. 

I’m looking forward to the  Pearson-Heatherwick garden bridge that will cross the Thames in London soon, and I would love to visit the High Line gardens in New York. 

I feel as if we live in interesting times for floristry. There are increasing numbers of artisan growers like me who are using their home grown, British flowers for some very artistic ends. The kind of wild, garden bouquets that are popular now have such a freshness to them. 

Flowers are allowed to have an organically natural bend and flow, and this means that brides can express their individuality in the flowers they choose.

Describe an Electric Daisy Flower Farm bride.
An Electric Daisy Flower Farm bride is a fun loving natural woman. She cares about her wedding day, but she also cares about the impact that her personal celebration might make on the wider environment – and she has chosen British flowers for their natural beauty. 
My favourite bride is one who gives me off-beam instructions, like: ‘I want to look as if I have just walked through a garden and flowers have stuck to my dress,’ or ‘We like thistles, foliage, branches, edibles, and unusual combinations.’ 
I like nothing better than to be trusted to come up with flowers to suit the person and the wedding. What a great job I have…

Make sure you get your tickets to our 2016 show now and see the wild, stylish floral creations by Electric Daisy Flower Farm!

Electric Daisy Flower Farm

Monday 8 February 2016

Most Curious brings you flowers, by girls who like good flowers - ONE FLEW OVER

One Flew Over first exhibited with Most Curious at our 2014 show and we couldn't be more happy to welcome them back for a third time, as they join us again in 2016. 

What makes this year's show even more special is that they are coming on board as Sponsors and will be helping to put the 'bush' into our our 'Bush + Wood' styling theme (Becky's words.... )

For Charlie and Jess, the girls behind One Flew Over, doing flowers was always THE Plan. They may have been distracted by a couple of other things along the way but their passion for seasonal stems and natural beauty couldn't be denied and over a cup of tea, as is often the way, the idea for One Flew Over was born.

Based in London, Charlie and Jess offer a completely bespoke floral design service. Every week they travel to New Covent Garden Market to pick seasonal stems, guaranteeing the quality and freshness of their blooms. They favour a natural, foliage-heavy style, rich in texture with an organic and woody feel.

The girls love a green fingered adventure and are more than happy to travel to any location to ensure your floral masterpiece is realised.


The pair are capably assisted in their duties by a green pawed quadruped named Oscar Lost Cat, who is particularly good at dealing with left-over ribbon cuts.

More recently Little Moose, the most adorable puppy, has joined the team and is more than happy to help, as long as it involves chewing on something.

And make sure you check out Charlie & Jess's blog, where you will find lots of flowers and floral inspiration from the girls, we particularly enjoy their 'Houseplant of the Month' series.

February's Houseplant of the Month - Narcissus

Charlie & Jess, we would love to hear what a typical day is like for you

One of the reasons we love this job is that there is no typical day!  Each day is dictated by what meetings and flowery events we have on.

We visit New Covent Garden Market around twice a week to stock up on fresh blooms for our weddings and events.  On these mornings, the alarms go off at 3.45 and we shower, dress and make a brew as quietly as possible so as not to wake men and pets.

Jess leaves Forest Gate and heads to East Dulwich to pick up Charlie (you won’t be surprised to hear that public transport at that time of the morning is sparse!) and then on to Vauxhall for 5am, where we start our shop.  If a couple have asked for a specific flower or quantity of something, we may have popped an order in with the wholesalers in advance, but generally we like to wander around checking what seasonal flowers fall within their brief and look beautiful and fresh.

After grabbing some toast, we head to our shipping container in Battersea where we pop on the radio, knock up a cafetiere of strong coffee and start conditioning.  Flowers are at their healthiest when they have had all their excess foliage removed, their stems are cut at an angle and able to sit in a nice deep bucket of fresh water for a day.  We’ll take advantage of this time to collect any items we have hired for weddings, wash up any vessels we will be using, purchase ribbon, and of course, deal with all the admin.  

The next day we will be back for a long one in the workshop, putting together bouquets, making up table arrangements, creating garlanding - generally doing the bulk of the wedding work.  Any wired work, such as headdresses will be done on the morning of the wedding, before we head off to deliver flowers and install the wedding.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

There are so many amazing florists working in and around London at the moment - all doing their own thing and working their own style, making it an incredibly exciting and inspiring time for wedding flowers.  For us, Jay Archer is someone we are always checking in with - she’s fearless and always has her finger on the ‘trend’ pulse! Also, Thomas Bloom Floral Design who is head of Horticulture of the breathtaking Petersham Nurseries. 

We also find it really energising to keep an eye on the stylists working in London, such as Laura at Hey Style, who has such an infectious sense of fun and is an incredibly useful resource for props and decorative items.

Our inspiration is never limited to florists or flowers though, we find ourselves seduced by anyone who is raising their own chickens, harvesting their own vegetables or foraging for ingredients for a table display. Instagram is perfect for this - you get a nicely edited portrayal of an aspirational life which hugely appeals to our natural, wild side and love of the outdoors.  Check out the accounts of Little Green Shed, Growing Wild Things, Circle of Pines. Dreamy.

How would you describe a One Flew Over couple?

We’ve been so lucky to have worked with some amazing brides and grooms; many of whom we still keep in touch with.  The trait uniting all the couples we come into contact with seems to be the want to create a bloody good party rather than an all out wedding.  The focus is on creating a fun, warm and welcoming environment for family and friends, where good food, good booze and relaxed, natural and super fun flowers are a priority.  Consequently, we do a lot of wild foliage garlanding, branch archways with pops of colourful blooms and hanging installations, as a way to decorate a space in a non-traditional and stylish way which is unique to the couple.

Photography by Harmit Kambo Photography

Make sure you get your tickets to our 2016 show now and come say hello to the lovely One Flew Over girls!