Thursday 29 October 2015

Get your party started with DORIS LOVES!

Most Curious weddings are fun and fabulous and all about creating an eclectic party atmosphere whatever your budget.

Step forward Doris Loves who have a fantastic range of products to hire, from a Temporary Tattoo Station to HUGE funky light-up letters! 

Their 120 cm tall letters are unlike any others on the market, with their light-weight construction and battery powered lights they are easy to move around and so you are limited only by your imagination!

Sarah London Photography

Katherine Ashdown Photography

We adore their super popular Temporary Tattoo Station and with 8 design collections to choose from you should be able to find one to suit everybody, even your nan! You do know you need to tattoo your nan, right?

Nicola Kirk Photography

And not forgetting your guests' bottoms, they have very cleverly handmade 100 unique floral chair coverings using reclaimed vintage and retro floral fabric.

Tim Simpson Photography

Amanda, you are the hard-working Director of Doris Loves. Please talk us through a typical day in your life.

Amanda by Joanna Brown Photography
Wow a typical day sounds nice! 

Charlie and Holly hold the ship together in the office with their epic email answering and organising ways whilst Dave works hard keeping the letters in check. 

I on the other hand get up to all sorts! 

From product development, to feeding my social media addiction, whilst dreaming up photoshoot and creative ideas for wedding fairs, to all the boring behind the scenes jobs that running a busy business entails!

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

For me, Erica from Mr & Mrs Unique has created some STUNNING photoshoots that have really inspired me. 

I love the bold brightness of the Bespoke Bride ladies and Festival Brides always give me some boho chilled out elegance that is hard to ignore!

Anneli Marinovich Photography 
As for what, for me I’ve always found shop fittings super inspiring, you’ll quite often find me taking photos in shops but normally it’s not the products but the shelves they’re on that I’m snapping. 
We’ll be moving to a larger unit soon which will allow me in indulge in some new more unusual stock! 

So hopefully you’ll see some of these newer pieces in London at the fair! 

Describe a Doris Loves bride

A Doris Loves is a bride that wants to bring a little extra fun and a big slice of WOW to their big day! 

 Sarah London photography

Sarah London Photography
To get your party started buy your tickets here now ladies and gents for the Most Curious London show 2016! 

And you can find out more about Doris Loves at:

Thursday 22 October 2015

CAROLINE CHAMBERLAIN COUTURE for the Most Curious brides!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair is ALL about fashion - we select only the most unique and beautiful designers to share with our brides and we are delighted to reveal that Caroline Chamberlain Couture will be joining us for MC16!

Based in North Hykeham, Lincoln, Caroline Chamberlain Couture offers a collection of exquisite designer gowns and a bespoke wedding dress service, tailored for each unique bride to reflect their individuality. She tells us that the archaic definition of 'Curious' is 'made or prepared skillfully' or 'done with painstaking accuracy and attention to detail' and she likes to think that each and every gown she works on is exactly this!

Caroline's brides are the most important thing to her and she will not let any gown leave her boutique without seeing that beaming smile that every Bride to be should have when they wear the most important dress they will ever purchase.

Welcome to Most Curious Caroline! Please describe your typical day.

Once I've got myself out of bed, had breakfast and got ready in my flat, I drive 10 minutes down the road to my Boutique which I share with a cute little tea room, The Garden Tea Room, and Flowers by Suzanne florists.

After grabbing a coffee, I head upstairs to my studio to check my work plan for the day. My day to day at the Boutique can vary quite a lot. I work alone so I am responsible for every aspect of what goes on at a bespoke bridal boutique.

If I am starting a gown for a new bride to be, I will grab her notes and measurement form out, to start the pattern for her gown. Once the pattern is drawn up, it will be pinned to the calico (as I always make a toile before cutting the brides actual fabric) and cut out the initial mock up of the dress. 

Once cut, I will sit and sew the gown on my faithful bernina sewing machine. Once the toile is made, the gown is bagged up in a Caroline Chamberlain pink gown carrier and labelled up for the bride ready for her first fitting appointment. I run an appointment system daily at the boutique so throughout the day I may have brides in at various stages of the wedding gown experience. 

I love meeting all my brides and always build up quite a close relationship during the process of making her gown. I think this is essential when working with clients, they are trusting you with the most important dress of their life and that is a big responsibility and something I am very appreciative of. 

Obviously throughout my day there may be a couple more trips to The Garden Tea Room. The cheesecake is just too good!

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

I always take inspiration from decades gone by, classic movies as well as current contemporary fashion and haute couture. At the moment I am feeling quite drawn to the 70s. I know the decade was very full on fashion wise but there are elements that draw me to it, which I do love.

I am in the process of designing and making my next collection, I don't wish to say too much but the traditional British seaside is having quite an influence on my Pinterest boards! 
Along with some flickers of inspiration from the Victorian era. 

Fabrics influence me too, I currently have the most beautiful embroidered tulle in stock which is featuring heavily in my new designs, along with plain tulles, silks and chiffons. I also love a bow! Bows seem to feature in all my collections!
And please tell us more about a Caroline Chamberlain Couture Bride.

A Caroline Chamberlain bride is usually someone who is looking for a more individual look. They are more willing to think outside the box and are not necessarily having the traditional text book wedding. 

My brides have the freedom to add their own twists on my designs, with this in mind, it really makes their dress truly unique to them. 

They are also the sort of girl who values good service and quality craftsmanship, and want to have something for their big day which truly reflects their personality and style. 

To meet Caroline and chat about your wedding dress ideas, make sure you get your tickets here and come and get even more curious at our 2016 show!

You can find out more about Caroline Chamberlain Couture at:

Thursday 15 October 2015

A massive Most Curious welcome to ED GODDEN PHOTOGRAPHY!

Not to boast or anything BUT, ok we will, we have another award-winning exhibitor joining us for Most Curious 2016!
Professional Photographer of the Year 2013, Ed Godden Photography, ia photographer that shoots weddings in a relaxed, creative, fun, and stylish way. He loves it when couples approach him with something different, something they think is completely bonkers! Ed does not do boring and normal - he likes to take funky photos of people in love!

Ed used to be a press/newspaper photographer so knows how to capture a couples day in a very honest, reportage style. He also shoots a lot of fashion and editorial images for magazines, and this completely comes across in his portraits. As you can see, he captures absolutely stunning images that you will cherish forever.
AND he promises to take you away from your wedding party for only half an hour so you can enjoy even more celebration and champagne time - super bonus!

So Ed, talk us through a typical day in your life.
If it's not a day I’m photographing a wedding… I’ll start the day with a coffee, and head out for a run. Both my wife and I are keen long distance runners and are very lucky to have beautiful countryside right on our doorstep.

After clearing my head with some exercise and fresh air, I’ll get to work in my home office, editing my recently shot weddings! I edit all my weddings myself, and am very proud of the fact that I don’t outsource any of my work.

I like to have a great personal connection with my couples, and their weddings, from the minute they first contact me, to the minute they receive their finished images. This may mean a lot of time editing all my photos, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?
2015 has been another fully-booked roller coaster ride full of weddings for me, so its been lovely to have a bit of time off at the end of the summer, just before my Autumn and Winter weddings kick off! 

So, we headed off to America for a 3 week road trip. Travelling over the East Coast of America was amazing and as you can probably imagine, I took a lot of photos! I’m a huge fan of landscape photography so travelling around such amazing scenery such as the White Mountains in the U.S definitely gave me plenty to look at. 

In short, just getting out and enjoying time off is what is inspiring me at the moment. I’m a big fan of a lot of American wedding photographers, and I love seeing how they make the most of the beautiful backdrops available to them. 

I know whenever I’m shooting a wedding I’m always on the lookout for a cool and funky backgrounds, stunning vistas, and just anything to give the images an extra punch!

Describe an Ed Godden Photography bride
I have so many different types of bride contact me to capture their big day!

If I had to choose a few words to describe them they would be… creative, cool, fashion conscious, totally in love with her husband-to-be (and not afraid to show it!), fun-loving, life-loving, and on the hunt for a photographer that will capture creative and stylish photos that will not only tell a true story of her big day…

But also a photographer that will fit in with everyone and feel like a friend/family member they’ve known for ages!

Well, we absolutely love Ed's work, and on a personal note - he is also a true gent! 

To meet Ed and chat about your wedding photography ideas, make sure you get your tickets here and come and get even more curious at our 2016 show!

You can find out more about Ed Godden Photography at:

Friday 9 October 2015

Most Curious welcomes our 2016 beauty sponsors THE WEDDING HAIR COMPANY!

More exciting news from Most Curious HQ, as we reveal that award winning The Wedding Hair Company is joining Most Curious as our Hair & Make-Up Sponsor for 2016! 

Their stylists create the hair and make up looks that shape the world of fashion, music and advertising, the styles we see in the magazines we love and the programmes we watch! They are experts in current trends, products and techniques - so brides can be completely confident they will look and feel absolutely perfect on their wedding day!

Hair and make-up expert Emily Kent, director of The Wedding Hair Company, manages a niche team of specialist artists and, as you would expect of a Most Curious sponsor, offers creative hair styling and a rule breaking approach to the bridal market!

So Emily, please talk us through a typical day in your life.

For me as the owner of the company, my days vary a lot! 

If I am in London working this is usually with brides or other clients where I am actually doing hair and make-up. I could also be having meetings or catch ups with our stylists, bloggers etc etc. If I am working from home, I will actually be running the company so this is what I call my 'wedmin'. Phone calls, emails, blogging, social media, accounts....I do it all, but that's the way I like it! 

I am also a headpiece designer, so that flow of working with real brides, coming up with hair styles and then creating pieces to go in them is another part of my work but also something that I see as part of my recreational time in a way.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

I can never take my eyes off The Lane or Hello May Magazine, they are both a big source of inspiration and also comfort that brides are cool and that they are looking for those cool suppliers to help bring their visions to life. 

It makes me feel like the industry as a whole has this entire new arm to it, dedicated to tasteful, chic, relaxed and underdone weddings and I really enjoy finding like minded suppliers and clients and them all coming together.

How did it all begin?

When I started The Wedding Hair Company over 4 years ago now, which really isn't that long ago, wedding beauty was quite a scary thing I think. There was always a fear for clients that crispy curls and overdone make up was the only option if you went to a wedding specialist. 

I was really busy at the time with my own clients so I thought I should make it into something more proper. When the first thing that 99.9% of our first few clients would say in their initial email enquiry is....THANK GOD I'VE FOUND YOU... I felt like I was definitely portraying the right image with the brand I had created and the portfolio of work I had. 

From it starting out with just myself, fellow artists who I worked with in tv, fashion, music etc joined in and then it grew from there, we now have 20 artists on our books, some of whom have been trained by myself. 

Wedding hair/make up should be EXACTLY what the client wants, and that's the thing....there is no wrong or right, so its absolutely great that over the last few years more and more companies like mine have sprung up catering for many different brides. 

If the client is over the moon, feels good and confident then job done.

I really enjoy the way weddings are going now, more so than ever there is a feeling that 'anything goes' and we like to embody that as much as possible in our work - there isn't a rule book that says 'a bride can't have a ponytail for her wedding' or 'she has to wear a veil' ....she can do what the heck she wants actually!

Ah Emily, we think we love you. That is EXACTLY how it should be and Most Curious brides are definitely up for breaking a few rules!

And if you feel like making up your own wedding rules then the first place to start is on our ticket page - get your tickets here now ladies and gents, and come and get curious at our 2016 show!

You can find out more about the talented Emily and the Wedding Hair Company at:

Thursday 1 October 2015

BELLE & BUNTY join as Bridal Wear Sponsor for 2016!

Most Curious fans you are in for a treat, as we welcome the fabulous Belle & Bunty as our Bridal Wear Sponsor for 2016!!

Alice Shreeve and Hannah Coniam-Thompson are the incredibly talented duo behind this award winning, Flirtatiously British, London based designer label. Fashion is at the core of the Belle & Bunty brand, and they bring this into the bridal world by combining glamour, modernity and romance to create unique luxurious gowns with a vintage inspired feel, perfect for a modern day bride.

The Joni Dress

Winners of the 'Bridal Designers of the Year Award 2013', Belle & Bunty's creations continue to inspire, with original and feminine designs featured in their Bridal Collection, as well as bold and beautiful pieces in their Ready-to-wear Collection

Their position as one of the top bridal designers in the industry was confirmed again when they were selected as the Editor's Choice winner at the You and Your Wedding Bridal Retail Awards 2015, arguably the UK's biggest bridal magazine awards.  

The Luna Dress

We wanted to find out more about this super successful duo and asked them to give us an insight into their world - 

So, Alice and Hannah, talk us through a typical day in your life.

Well, no day really is ever the same! 

The Marlowe Dress

Alice oversees all our production and sales and Hannah deals with the PR and marketing side of the business, and we both come together for all things creative. So we would usually start off with a morning catch up over a coffee and check in with each other to discuss and prioritise things with our team. Then Alice may go off to visit our 2 London sites where all our dresses are made. 

We pride ourselves on making everything in England and are very hands on with making sure all our dresses are made with tender loving care and are perfect for our brides. All our fabrics and trims are ordered with UK suppliers too.

We then may have fittings in our boutique or appointments showing brand new brides our collections. Hannah may have a Skype meeting with our PR agency to discuss upcoming events and press requests as well as working on blog content and collaborations and the social media side of the business - there is always time for an Instagram photo or 2! 

We tend to design out of the office where we can have clarity of mind and really discuss new ideas we have, look at interesting fabric swatches and be generally creative. This maybe in a local coffee shop or in each others houses where we can concentrate on what we think our customers will really love. 

Quite often we have lots of business meetings where we love seeing and discussing new opportunities for our brand or might be at trade shows researching and buying items for our boutique to sit alongside our collections so may then be out and about in Central or East London. We are always pretty busy!

The Stevie Dress

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

We generally find inspiration in anything and everything, inspiration tends to hit you when you least expect it! 

Both of us are magpies and are constantly collecting images, fabric swatches and pull outs from magazines which are then attached to our giant mood board of a wall in our studio. 

Living in London you are constantly inspired by day to day life and what you see around you. We like to visit exhibitions and museums for inspiration and look to street style also for unusual styling and new ideas. 

Our last collection has a real 60's/70s retro feel which stems from our personal style and what we personally like to wear and style icons like Dusty Springfield and Stevie Nicks who we love. 

We always strive for an effortless, laid back unfussy way of being glamourous with a slight flirtatious edge and portray this in the designs, models we choose and how the collections are shot and styled.

The Pearl Top & Belle Skirt

Describe a Belle & Bunty bride

Belle & Bunty brides can be all types of ladies but the common thread that links them is the fact that they want to feel unique on their wedding day and like themselves, but on a good day! Our brides are fashion conscious so love that we are initially a fashion brand doing bridal therefore have a slightly different angle on all things 'bridal'. 

The bridal range stemmed from both of us getting married and designing our wedding dresses together. We both wanted a lovely dress that felt luxurious, was fashionable without being too over the top and was comfortable to wear. 

This carries across to all our designs as we only use 100% silk fabrics, even for the linings, and design simple and elegant dresses where the bride can really put their personality onto the dress with how they style it and the cutting of the panels within the designs flatter and shape the body without the need for heavy boning. 

Being able to comfortably dance and have fun on their big day seems to be a running theme with Belle & Bunty brides!

The Brooke Top

You can see Belle & Bunty at our 2016 show, so treat yourself to tickets now and make sure you don't miss out!

Until then pay them at visit at:

Photography by Media Light Bulb -
Hair and make up by Victoria Percival -