Tuesday 20 December 2016

Wild In Love with HALFPENNY LONDON Wedding Dresses

Tucked away in historic Bloomsbury, London hides Central Saint Martin's graduate, Kate Halfpenny's exquisitely styled bridal boutique - HALFPENNY LONDON. Lace, tulle, satin and silk billow from the minimal floating rails; all delicately beaded, ruffled, expertly cut. Atop an original fireplace; which is scattered with eclectic objects d'art; sit's a neon light. An owl mask adorns the wall, with the odd antique doll or bell jar containing a perfectly embroidered accessory. At once, this perfectly formed shop appears haunted by the willowy ghosts of fashion past, but is somehow staunchly contemporary. With beautiful and unusual paradoxes in design, Halfpenny gowns are pared down despite their vintage inspirations. There are no meringues in sight. Welcome to the future of wedding dress design.

2017 sees Kate Halfpenny launch her new collection, Wild Love, "a carefully curated collection of timeless classics... dresses and bridal separates with Kate's signature style, beading and embroidery". Taking inspiration from "a wild English rose garden in the intricate detail of the flowers, and the layers of delicate fragrant petals that evoke memories of summer; the contradiction lies in the graphic shapes of oblongs and circles for the expertly tailored pieces". 

We are very excited to be showcasing Halfpenny's new pieces at our London 2017 show, which Kate and her team is kindly sponsoring. I am sure you will agree, their expert blend of the old and the new is uniquely timeless.

We caught up with Kate and her team in the run up to March's fair, to talk Emilia Fox, lace curtain daydreams and more!

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

I've always been freelance, so it was a natural progression to launch my brand. It's been the most exciting journey! It was after actress Emilia Fox wore one of my silk floral dresses on her wedding day, that Halfpenny London was born. Inundated with requests, and following a subsequent Vogue interview, I founded my eponymous wedding dress brand.

What has been the coolest/best moment of your career so far?

I have so many exciting and cool moments, as I work in the best industry, but a couple are opening my store in Bloomsbury - I still pinch myself that it's real - and dressing Kate Moss for her birthday in 4 bespoke gowns that I designed for her. She rocked it and still wears them to events now!

Who or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by everything around me, from architecture to fabrics. The other day I was lying in the bath at my house in Whitstable, and sat staring at the old lace curtains that I've darned so many times. That has inspired a dress for the new 2018 collection.

What words would you use to describe the trends for 2017?

Beautiful handcrafted pieces made in London, unique dresses with the signature low back details, incredible fabrics and embellishment that Halfpenny is known for - that's all you need to know!

Don't forget to purchase your TICKETS for the London 2017 A Most Curious Wedding Fair, and come marvel at the magic of Halfpenny's delectable anthology of pretty pieces for yourself.

Happy holidays!

Most Curious


Tuesday 13 December 2016

Your first Christmas with PAPIER STATIONERY

If you are anything like us stationery fanatics here at Most Curious, your bog-standard pack of 20 cards from your local card store just will not suffice in sprinkling your yuletide wishes to your loved ones far and near this festive season. As a style savvy couple you certainly do not want to wish your Auntie Mabel a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with anything but the most exquisite of paper products right? That's where our wonderful sponsors, PAPIER come in. 

As well as helping us produce our London 2017 show at The Old Truman Brewery, the very fabulous Christmas elves over at Papier have been hard at work creating a gorgeous range of festive cards for all you loved up pairs keen for a cooler Christmas aesthetic. You can choose from single cards or sets, plus 10p from the sale of every Christmas card goes to the charity Breast Cancer Haven so you're doing good too.

Founded in August 2015 by Taymoor Atighetchi, this relatively new company have gone from strength to strength, and we can certainly see why. Papier provides you with a range of beautifully designed stationery, with the option to personalise and send greetings cards straight to your well loved recipients. 

In addition to the playfully adorable cards on offer, Papier can personalise your stationery, invitations, notebooks and more. No more dodgy Thank You cards for your post Christmas appreciation. Instead, thank your friends and family alike on your choice of gorgeously minimal, personalised notecards, whether this is your first special holiday together or your fiftieth.

And they would make the perfect gift for a loved one too! Get them writing the old fashioned way with a personalised stationery set, or ignite their creative spark and encourage them to put pen to paper with a personalised notebook, ideal for plans big or small.

Working with leading artists, illustrators, designers and brands; and printed on sustainably produced high quality paper here in the UK; Papier offers a highly curated collection of design-led, customisable products. Based in Soho, London, Papier is backed by the likes of Nicholas Wheeler the founder of heritage menswear brand, Charles Tyrwhitt.

Visit their website at www.papier.com to order your perfect paper products in time for Christmas, and be sure to get your TICKETS for this March's A Most Curious Wedding Fair in London and pay them a visit.

See you there, and enjoy a whimsical Christmas together!

Most Curious


Friday 9 December 2016


Here at Most Curious we steadfastly believe in providing future newlyweds with a selection box of stylishly contemporary, independent companies to make each couple's personal dream day come true. For 2017 we are lucky enough to have MATILDA DELVES join us as Photography Sponsor of our London Show, and look forward to showcasing her joyful documentary approach to wedding photography.

Hailing from Kent, Matilda has always had a special relationship to photography. "We moved a lot as a family" she says. "When we were growing up, my sister and I would often get all the photographs out of the albums, to play with them, and to remind ourselves of all the places we had been. It is one of the powers of photography.  Photographs trigger memories: they are memories."

 If the thought of posing for formal wedding portraits strikes fear into your very being, and makes you want to lose your wedding breakfast, then we highly recommend you pay a visit to Matilda's stand. With a familial appreciation for genuine human memories, Matilda's effervescent celebration of life is evident in her warm and cinematic approach to capturing both the epic and the small moments of your special day. Her loving lens treats an ice cream covered page boy's face with the same sense of importance as the best man's speech. She has a talent for perfectly capturing the beauty of natural moments.

We caught up with Matilda recently and asked her a few questions.

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

The freedom of it. I absolutely love the variety, no two days are the same, one day you can be photographing a 80 year old bee keeper and the next being involved and witness to one of the most beautiful love filled days of a couples lives.

What's been the coolest/best moment of your career so far? 

As I'm sitting here typing this interview up, my bags are packed and waiting for the last wedding of the year which will be in Qatar. That pretty exciting, but the coolest and best best moment, or moments are the everyday gratitude that I'm making a living as a busy working photographer. 

Who or what inspires you?

My family.

What words would you use to describe the trends for 2017?

Hmmm! Not sure that I know that much about trends. Spend most of my time, trying not to follow a trend in the photographs I take. If you are following a trend, it dates an image so I try and steer well away!

Make sure you get your TICKETS to our London 2017 Show now and come say hello to Matilda and all the other wonderful exhibitors we have brought together for you!

Most Curious


Friday 18 March 2016


Welcome to the world of Norwich exhibitor LouLouLoves - a vintage themed wedding hire and styling service, with a range of styles from authentic period style vintage to festival fun to boho, retro or rustic. The Norfolk based company have crockery, glassware, apple crates, milk churns, light up letters, chalkboards, bicycles, candle sticks, ladders and much more! 

Sounds good right? So let's find out a little more from the lady behind the business, Lou Lou herself.

How does a day at LouLouLoves pan out?

After waking early and taking my children in to school I pop home to walk Bella the crazy Labrador and Vinnie our terribly cute Jug (Jack Russel cross pug) over the fields of rural Norfolk.   During the week I can be found at auctions, car boot sales and jumbles rummaging around in boxes to find unusual treasures to add to my hire collection.    My lovely mum, Lynda has a keen eye and comes along to the auctions too. She prepares the flask of tea and we set out in my lovely VW van I've brought for the business.  I do love my job!

What is inspiring you right now?

Style related I'm really interested in the mix up of the modern geometric with vintage retro style.  I just adore those  bold patterns and I'm currently working on some wedding styling that will combine the two.  Im also LOVING copper. Im about to head down to my local plumbing centre to buy some pipes to make a back drop stand, it may even be ready for the Norwich show!
Personally, over the last year I've been interested in plus size fashion and body positivity. Ive started to follow some bloggers such as Plus Size and Proud written by my bestest friend Sarah Doyle.   This community of bloggers and the plus size fashion events I've been to have certainly helped me feel more confident in my own skin.  At 42 I feel a little cheated that I've wasted so many years worrying about my size, but I finally feel that I'm beginning to love my curves!  Icons such as Tess Halliday have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try new styles that id previously never thought of.

Rock n Roll bride is my favourite wedding magazine.  It’s just full of alternative wedding style and body positivity! I was lucky enough to supply a wedding last year that has just been featured in issue 6! Totally amazing!

How would you describe a typical LouLouLoves wedding or bride?

A Lou Lou Loves wedding usually starts with a good old chat over a cup of tea at my stock room (served in our beautiful china of course) . We look over pins, images and scrap books together and  then have a rummage around to see what  items I have to suit the theme.   My stock room is more like a junk shop/antique shop than a polished show room!   
Some customers know exactly what they would like, while others need a little help or inspiration.  Ive found its easy for customers to get a little lost and overwhelmed with so many ideas on Pinterest and they can even lose  touch with original ideas they had to make their wedding individual and personal to them. I try to help by showing customer around and if they show interest in a certain item I can give them ideas on how it can be used. 

For example, I have a pretty cut glass cruet set meant to be used for table condiments.   One bride really loved this and she came up with the idea herself of using it to hold different flavoured syrups for a her prosecco bar!  This makes each wedding I hire to or style individual to each customer so there’s never really a normal Lou Lou Loves wedding! 

Some of my popular items have been my large  extra-large welded steel light up LOVE letters with fairground bulbs, china hire for afternoon tea or dinner, milk churns, pallet table plan, apple crates, polaroid camera guest book, Centre pieces made up of three tier cake stands or my tea cup candelabras, stacks of books with brass or glass candle sticks, hand made wedding signs  and our Garden games package.


Thursday 17 March 2016


Benjamin Mathers Photography is a business of two halves, half creative, documentary photography and half a travelling photo booth www.thetravellingbooth.co.uk. And at MOST CURIOUS Benjamin is offering two different special deals too!

First up £50 off the regular price of the booth and a free leather guest book for all bookings made at the fair.

And with Benjamin Mathers Photography he is offering a 20% discount on albums for people he met at the fair if they book by the end of March. That's a potential saving of £70 on medium albums and £120 on the top notch, leather bound, Giclee printed, fine art albums. Pretty good guys, get involved!

And in the mean time, we asked Benjamin what's making him tick right now, and how he creates such a soft, natural style...read on...

What is a typical Benjamin Mathers day?

This one's tricky, there is no typical day as such, every day is pretty different, which I love. I have three kids, one boy at school, one boy at nursery and one girl still nursing! So together they seem to take up a lot of time in the morning. When I get home after the morning rush I have a coffee, check my emails and catch up with admin and all that boring stuff. If it's the summer and we have loads of editing to do we then crack on with that. My wife, Eve, does most of the editing so we can share the childcare. Eve is the Creative Director, she's a fabric artist and has a great eye for design, it's great having her perspective on the work and adding her creative input. Some days we're designing albums, other days we're getting work ready for print or wrapping things up to send off. Some days I'm out meeting clients or tinkering with our photobooth.

And then the best days I'm checking over gear, cleaning lenses and sensors, formatting memory cards, getting dressed up and heading out the door. These are by far the most tiring days, it's amazing just how much energy is spent photographing a wedding. Being 'on it' for 10 hours or so, capturing every moment and hardly sitting down once! I normally don't get home until 10pm or 11pm depending on times and locations, then I get my days work uploaded and backed up then sit down and have a beer or glass of wine... (I always feel a bit jealous seeing everyone having a drink and partying, I secretly just want to join in, I love a good party!) Then I go to bed and hopefully, if I don't have another wedding on the next day, I have a good old fashioned family day where I don't think about doing any work once, ideally going to the beach and getting in the sea, or having a long walk in the woods and definitely having a roast dinner!

What's been inspiring you right now?

I've never been a massive one for following trends, at least not mainstream trends. I guess with three kids and two businesses I don't get much time for searching blogs and pinterest, shops and magazines. When I'm not sitting at a computer I like to be doing stuff, being outside and making things. In fact I think it's important as a photographer not to be spending too much time looking at other peoples photos and weddings. I mean obviously I do from time to time but I'm not obsessive about it. I get a general idea about what I want to do and go from there, trying to put my own experience and view of the world into it.

Every year I do this I feel as though I'm coming more into my own. At first it was simply about seeing other people's styles and seeing how I could emulate it, but there comes a point where you need to go off on your own. So what inspires me? The world. Seriously, seeing the seasons change, being outside in wild places, walking down streets and appreciating aesthetics that are perhaps not classically beautiful but which I think look cool. This year I want to shoot a lot wider, I want my portraits to be even more 'environmental', I don't mean green but rather I want people to be placed in there surroundings, that's what I find interesting, my job is not to create scenes but rather to frame them. I have a new lens which I'm very excited about using. I've always been a prime only kinda guy but I was so interested in seeing the new Sigma 24-35mm f2 zoom (which is pretty fast – good in low light and creates nice out of focus blurry interest...) I had to give it a try. I've got a couple of engagement shoots coming up and I'm going to use this lots, getting closer to the subject and getting more in the shot.

Who is the ideal Benjamin Mathers couple?

I LOVE my wedding couples! They are all great! I tend to find that people choose me to photograph their weddings because they like my style and want something more natural and unobtrusive. We're almost always working from the same hymn sheet, so to speak.
My number one ideal quality in a couple is love. I mean obviously, but if a couple feel comfortable together then they're easy to photograph. Often I get couples or individuals saying 'we hate having our photo taken', but then when we come to the couple shots, or engagement shot, or whatever, it goes amazingly well because the two people are so in love that they feel and look completely comfortable together. Then my job is easy – I photograph them. This is as simple as it gets.
Secondly it's really important that we get along, I mean I get on with everyone basically but we need to have a similar vision. If you're looking for high fashion / OK Magazine type stuff then I'm probably not for you. If you're into aesthetics, clean images, nature, reality then I could be your man.
My ideal wedding? Well something interesting and unique I guess, but then aren't all weddings these days? I love the way weddings have become a creative outlet for people, it's not all top hats and tails any more. And that's what I love about my job, seeing what people create to celebrate their love for each other and then capturing it forever on film (or silicon as the case may be...)

Thursday 10 March 2016

bridalNEXT! 2016 - The Rock n Roll Bride Award

Established in 2012, bridalNEXT! is an initiative set up by Most Curious to support and promote fresh, fashion-led, new and innovative talent in the bridal industry. Not only launching them into the spotlight, we are also bringing them straight to the creative, stylish and cool loving brides and grooms.
AND A SELECT FEW WILL BE RECEIVING THE 2016 ROCK ‘N ROLL BRIDE AWARD! (here's VELVET JOHNSTONE receiving her award for winning the BRIDAL WEAR Category last year).

To propel our bridalNEXT!ers firmly into the spotlight, there will be a special Rock 'n Roll Bride Award, given for possessing big-time innovation and directional qualities, chosen by the candy hair coloured, expressive wedding queen herself Kat Williams, founder of the internationally famous and respected Rock 'n Roll Bride blog and magazine. There are two categories, BRIDAL WEAR and SERVICES, and a winner and runner up in each.

Who is she gonna chose?



Dana has held a range of positions within some of the top London design houses before setting up her own label. Faced with preparing for her own wedding, she was initially shocked to find how few modern, directional dress options there were for brides who love fashion. And thus, DANA DALLAL BRIDAL was born, just this year.

JUNO FROCKS are branching out into bridal, which is good news if you like a corseted, couture or theatrical or tailored kind of vibe, as these guys earned their stripes as costume makers for period dramas on TV and movies. They also specialise in LBGT bridal (and groomal) type wear, with a little historical/steam punk thrown in! 

Having trained as a jeweller & silversmith for over seven years, FIONA MCCLEAR has developed her own signature, illustrative style, working exclusively with precious metals.  She loves origami and paper-cut puppetry and these influence her delicate style. 

Founder Natascha Chambers made her own dream wedding dress (picture attached), with materials costing £34! So based on that, she believes that  'Bridal' doesn't have to mean ' crazy expensive, and we try and help our brides find more economical ways of making their dreams come true (cheaper fabrics, and adjusting the designs to reduce labour time and therefore cost). Plus a t-shirt range with slogans like #bridesquad and #bridezilla!

TUGTIES is a new, hackney-based brand specialising in playfully designed handmade bow ties. TUGTIES is specifically popular among grooms who want to bring an alternative touch to their special day,’ says founder Tugcan Dokmen.

Hand painted, custom wedding shoes by artist Alex. Completely bespoke to the couple - from Dinosaurs to roses, you choose!

Ayesha Redmond-Smith is a jewellery and accessories designer, who works predominantly in textiles. Ayesha designs vintage and vintage inspired pieces, combining vintage fabrics and lace with more contemporary fabrics.

Ayesha's inspiration comes from period styling and the majority of her work is inspired  by the pleating in Edwardian Ruff Collars. Her bridal accessories include necklaces, cuffs, sashes, headpieces and more.


A new and wild force of creativity on the wedding florist scene, India of VERVAIN also grows her own flowers where possible too.

Visual artist and illustrator Amy travels around in her pop up booth, powering the machine of portraits!

A completely intricate, illustrative attitude to cakes from MIMOLO, who also creates paper goods for weddings too.

Polish Karolina of BOBBIN and BOW has breathed new life into the traditional Pajaki decorations of her grandmothers' generation to create a truly new and exciting idea on wedding decor design.

Founded by Kim and her partner Rob PINGLE PIE, combined their backgrounds in stationery design, fine art and graphic design to create painterly and pretty hand crafted stationery, prints and gifts. 

Unique handmade glass homeware, terrariums and planters and geometric glasswear. MONTI by Monti are makers of a new type of wedding centre piece and  a fresh approach to including greenery in your decor.

Maria Framis of UBYME is a young architect from Barcelona living and working in London. The fan of home decoration, packaging and handmade products, now turns her design eye to a new breed of decorations.

From head chef in a Hackney Cafe, YOLK, has a truly bespoke attitude to her cakes, tailored to each couple, with taste and ingredients equally important as beautiful style.

SASSY ALA MODE are a super styling sister duo from Central Florida who are based both there and London, bringing that fresh, poppy, slick vibe we know the US does so well in wedding worlds.

A brand new company, FOX AND OWL'S approach towards photography is that of storytellers, blending into the background in order to capture your day as naturally as possible in their signature, contemporary and considered style. And with an elegant, modern, simplistic approach to their design, Fox & Owl aim to deliver stationary that is a celebration of your identities and personalities as well as a reflection of your big day.

A fashion designer for 8 years, SINCERELY MAY has worked for some of the top brands and companies within the UK & Australia, where she developed her love of design and colour. After getting married in May 2012 and designing all of the stationery and decor for the big day, her wedding was featured in 'You & Your Wedding' magazine and she's since been asked me to design the stationery for their wedding & hen parties for friends, which has lead to Sincerely May.

BLOSSOM AND CRUMB make cakes for happy days.  The wedding cakes, dessert tables and sweet treats are designed in close consultation with clients by Megan in South East London. They use the best available ingredients to make great tasting flavours which range from classic to cutting edge alongside creating a unique centrepiece for the big day.


Ayla of WAGTAIL PRODUCTIONS has always been obsessed with taking photographs, even as a child. This love of photography and documenting her life evolved into a love of videography and you will see a huge range of styles in her films. Take a look at their show reel and you will see super 8mm vintage looks, reportage, stop motion animation, split screen fun, and classic cinema. They easily adapt to the vibes of the individual couple and the atmosphere of the day. With a background in TV, music videos and big feature films, they demonstrate their understanding of story telling and camera language in each individual film. Like this little vid.