Friday 18 March 2016


Welcome to the world of Norwich exhibitor LouLouLoves - a vintage themed wedding hire and styling service, with a range of styles from authentic period style vintage to festival fun to boho, retro or rustic. The Norfolk based company have crockery, glassware, apple crates, milk churns, light up letters, chalkboards, bicycles, candle sticks, ladders and much more! 

Sounds good right? So let's find out a little more from the lady behind the business, Lou Lou herself.

How does a day at LouLouLoves pan out?

After waking early and taking my children in to school I pop home to walk Bella the crazy Labrador and Vinnie our terribly cute Jug (Jack Russel cross pug) over the fields of rural Norfolk.   During the week I can be found at auctions, car boot sales and jumbles rummaging around in boxes to find unusual treasures to add to my hire collection.    My lovely mum, Lynda has a keen eye and comes along to the auctions too. She prepares the flask of tea and we set out in my lovely VW van I've brought for the business.  I do love my job!

What is inspiring you right now?

Style related I'm really interested in the mix up of the modern geometric with vintage retro style.  I just adore those  bold patterns and I'm currently working on some wedding styling that will combine the two.  Im also LOVING copper. Im about to head down to my local plumbing centre to buy some pipes to make a back drop stand, it may even be ready for the Norwich show!
Personally, over the last year I've been interested in plus size fashion and body positivity. Ive started to follow some bloggers such as Plus Size and Proud written by my bestest friend Sarah Doyle.   This community of bloggers and the plus size fashion events I've been to have certainly helped me feel more confident in my own skin.  At 42 I feel a little cheated that I've wasted so many years worrying about my size, but I finally feel that I'm beginning to love my curves!  Icons such as Tess Halliday have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try new styles that id previously never thought of.

Rock n Roll bride is my favourite wedding magazine.  It’s just full of alternative wedding style and body positivity! I was lucky enough to supply a wedding last year that has just been featured in issue 6! Totally amazing!

How would you describe a typical LouLouLoves wedding or bride?

A Lou Lou Loves wedding usually starts with a good old chat over a cup of tea at my stock room (served in our beautiful china of course) . We look over pins, images and scrap books together and  then have a rummage around to see what  items I have to suit the theme.   My stock room is more like a junk shop/antique shop than a polished show room!   
Some customers know exactly what they would like, while others need a little help or inspiration.  Ive found its easy for customers to get a little lost and overwhelmed with so many ideas on Pinterest and they can even lose  touch with original ideas they had to make their wedding individual and personal to them. I try to help by showing customer around and if they show interest in a certain item I can give them ideas on how it can be used. 

For example, I have a pretty cut glass cruet set meant to be used for table condiments.   One bride really loved this and she came up with the idea herself of using it to hold different flavoured syrups for a her prosecco bar!  This makes each wedding I hire to or style individual to each customer so there’s never really a normal Lou Lou Loves wedding! 

Some of my popular items have been my large  extra-large welded steel light up LOVE letters with fairground bulbs, china hire for afternoon tea or dinner, milk churns, pallet table plan, apple crates, polaroid camera guest book, Centre pieces made up of three tier cake stands or my tea cup candelabras, stacks of books with brass or glass candle sticks, hand made wedding signs  and our Garden games package.



  1. We've an attractive lower wine glass cruet collection used to be taken pertaining to kitchen table condiments. One particular woman genuinely liked this specific along with the girl invented the thought very little involving with it to support distinct flavored syrups for the your ex prosecutor tavern!

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