Tuesday 1 March 2016

Gorgeous, directional wedding dresses by DANA DALLAL

NEW to the wedding scene for 2016! 

Most Curious is all about finding new talent and introducing creative designers bravely taking a leap of faith into the fashion industry. 

And we just know you will love the first, exciting, designer bridal wear collection by Dana Dallal Bridal

If you're looking for a modern, fashionable, affordable (yes please!) dress and the option to have it made in a range of colours and prints....then Dana Dallal could be The One for you.

Modern and directional, Dana Dallal's luxury collection was inspired by Dana's own search for a fashionable and modern wedding dress. 

She was initially shocked to find how few modern dress options there were for brides who love fashion and set out to create a range of contemporary and fashion forward dresses that are of the highest quality. 

Bridal dresses that are strikingly modern yet timeless are winning the brand ever growing interest from magazine editors, stylists and brides.

The collections are designed and produced in London with a focus on high quality and uses only the finest silks and French laces coupled with hand embroidery in glass beads and metallic threads. 

The brand believes in creating luxury garments that reject the idea of the traditional bridal ‘costume’ and instead pushes the concept of bridal wear into the contemporary fashion movement.

Talk us through your typical day

Every day is totally different given the small scale of the company. I’m a person who gets bored easily and has to keep moving forward so it’s a great setup for me.

On a typical day I’ll get up around 7am and jump in the shower, I’ll quickly grab the dog and take her out to Lloyd Park behind the William Morris Gallery before settling her back in at home and running of to my day job with a green smoothie in hand.

I work for a well-established womenswear designer during the day so I dash off to work around 9am and spend my day sourcing raw materials, visiting London factories, and managing all the fabric deliveries from Europe and Asia. It’s a really demanding job so I have to try and conserve all the energy I can for DDB but I can’t complain, my day job gives me the experience and contacts I need to create beautiful and luxurious bridal collections.

I do some freelance work as well so if I have something on the books, I’ll try to plan it into my day and make lunch meetings to get the concepts straight.

I recently did two hand paintings on Kurt Geiger London Totes which were features in their ad campaign in August, this was a really exciting project because of the wide exposure it gained. 

I remember getting to Heathrow last August and as I walked into the departures area there was a huge poster of Erin O’Conner with the bag I had painted on. I was completely ecstatic!

I literally rushed straight into the Heathrow KG shop with a huge grin on my face and told them I had painted it and they looked at me like I was totally insane! It was a really great moment for me and a true highlight of 2015, second to getting married of course!

When I get home from my day job, I get straight to work and depending on where we are in the season, I’ll find myself designing and creating new styles or fitting existing ones.

We just had our first photoshoot a couple weeks ago and did a fitting right after so this week I’ll be finalising the fit on all of the styles before sending the patterns off to be sized.

It’s a pretty exciting time for us as we get closer to the fair days. In the evening I could be working on anything from costing the gowns, visiting our
London factory or going to appointments with potential clients.

It’s a mix and match and every day is different right now. 

I have an amazing group of talented friends that all pitch in when they can. Last weekend my friend from Recipe du Jour catered for the photo shoot and really spoiled us with amazing French cuisine. you can find some of her amazing food on recipeujour.weebly.com. She also runs a homemade jam company Sucre and Salé. It’s Delish!

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

Right now, we are inspired by all the individualism that we are seeing around London and my hometown of Toronto. There are so many people who, like us, are seeking out their goals and dreams and launching a business for themselves.

My best friend Jess and her business partner Kris are a constant source of inspiration, they run a branding firm called Super Fish Brands in Toronto and I’ve seen them grow their business from the first days and keep focused and driven. 

It’s really scary going into business for yourself, the costs are really high especially if you choose to launch into the garment industry and it’s a real help when I see young people like myself making it work for them. Seeing other people succeed and tackle their own challenges really helps us keep strong during the rough patches, it keeps our hopes high and drives us forward.

Describe a Dana Dallal bride
The Dana Dallal bride is a contemporary woman who loves to dance and isn’t afraid to kick her heels off!

Layered and fussy dresses just won’t work for her wild abandon when she decides to have fun. She doesn’t fit into a box, she loves fashion and wants a dress as individual as herself.

When I was looking for a wedding dress, I had a really hard time finding something that was to my taste, well made and within my budget. There are some beautiful bridal collections available in London at a reasonable cost but I just couldn’t find something modern and fashion conscious so that’s what I set out to do.

We offer brides, beautiful modern dresses that are contemporary and made to the same standards as a luxury fashion label but don’t cost an utter fortune.

We also offer our brides the ability to order their dress in a range of colours and prints. I wore cornflower blue to my wedding!

Dana Dallal is exhibiting at our London wedding show so get your tickets now and don't miss out on this gorgeous collection.



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