Thursday, 29 October 2015

Get your party started with DORIS LOVES!

Most Curious weddings are fun and fabulous and all about creating an eclectic party atmosphere whatever your budget.

Step forward Doris Loves who have a fantastic range of products to hire, from a Temporary Tattoo Station to HUGE funky light-up letters! 

Their 120 cm tall letters are unlike any others on the market, with their light-weight construction and battery powered lights they are easy to move around and so you are limited only by your imagination!

Sarah London Photography

Katherine Ashdown Photography

We adore their super popular Temporary Tattoo Station and with 8 design collections to choose from you should be able to find one to suit everybody, even your nan! You do know you need to tattoo your nan, right?

Nicola Kirk Photography

And not forgetting your guests' bottoms, they have very cleverly handmade 100 unique floral chair coverings using reclaimed vintage and retro floral fabric.

Tim Simpson Photography

Amanda, you are the hard-working Director of Doris Loves. Please talk us through a typical day in your life.

Amanda by Joanna Brown Photography
Wow a typical day sounds nice! 

Charlie and Holly hold the ship together in the office with their epic email answering and organising ways whilst Dave works hard keeping the letters in check. 

I on the other hand get up to all sorts! 

From product development, to feeding my social media addiction, whilst dreaming up photoshoot and creative ideas for wedding fairs, to all the boring behind the scenes jobs that running a busy business entails!

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

For me, Erica from Mr & Mrs Unique has created some STUNNING photoshoots that have really inspired me. 

I love the bold brightness of the Bespoke Bride ladies and Festival Brides always give me some boho chilled out elegance that is hard to ignore!

Anneli Marinovich Photography 
As for what, for me I’ve always found shop fittings super inspiring, you’ll quite often find me taking photos in shops but normally it’s not the products but the shelves they’re on that I’m snapping. 
We’ll be moving to a larger unit soon which will allow me in indulge in some new more unusual stock! 

So hopefully you’ll see some of these newer pieces in London at the fair! 

Describe a Doris Loves bride

A Doris Loves is a bride that wants to bring a little extra fun and a big slice of WOW to their big day! 

 Sarah London photography

Sarah London Photography
To get your party started buy your tickets here now ladies and gents for the Most Curious London show 2016! 

And you can find out more about Doris Loves at:


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