Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Artistic wedding photography by ECLECTION

Who wants their wedding captured by a top London photographer?! We do! 

Creative London-based Eclection is run by Heather Shuker, who started her career in 2005 as a music photographer and went on to develop her craft at London’s Central St Martins and at the University of Brighton, where she was awarded an MA in Photography.

Heather works commercially and editorially for international brands and publications including Things & Ink magazine, where she is the in-house photographer.

Heather, please talk us through a typical day in your life

There is never really a typical day as a photographer.  I would love to describe the idealised view of a photographic artist out chasing light with old film cameras (which I collect of course?! ;)) photographing pretty girls with their hair blowing in the wind in dramatic landscapes. 

However... despite a desire to be outdoors capturing life with my camera, most days are
actually spent in my studio, editing and organising commercial shoots while listening to Robert Elms!

That said, personal work is very important for my creative development and inspiration.  

I am currently working on several personal projects, and at least once a year I go on a trip with my photography collective MAP6Right now I am editing a series I made recently in Lithuania and trying to arrange a return trip to Sierra Leone. 

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

There is so much beautiful wedding photography around now – so it’s a joy to work in an industry that is totally pushing creative boundaries and attracting and generating new photographic talent.

I try not to spend too much time looking at other “wedding” photographers’ work as I don’t want to be influenced by their images on a subconscious level – I want to create unique photographs for my couples using my own vision.  Instead, I indulge myself researching
contemporary fine art photographers.  I love the work of pretty much all Magnum photographers. I find their photographs fascinating, with their ability to tell a story that makes you look ... and then look again. 

particularly like Simon Roberts for fine art documentary and Lisa Sarfarti for portraits. For weddings, I find myself sparked by photographers doing something completely different from the mainstream, like Maheesh Shantaram in India.

 I am also about to launch a new blog called On Wedding Photography that will cover reflections and thoughts around the culture and art of wedding photography.

For inspiration I would also like to mention wedding blogs, which all work relentlessly to publish new ideas. Without these, the wedding photography industry would still be run by men wearing polo shirts shooting weddings in hotels with bows on chairs!

When time permits, I find inspiration in Love My Dress, which has gone from strength to strength in the last two years.  Content-wise, I think that it is a really honest blog that cares and is written with total sincerity. Photography-wise, the site publishes beautiful photography – timeless and stylish images made with love.

Describe an Eclection Photography couple.

Every wedding and every couple are totally unique so I don’t have an 'ideal’.  

I approach and photograph each event in a unique way – one that reflects the character and style of the couple and their wedding, and says to the bride and groom “Your photographs
reflect who you are and your personalities.”

I do however prefer to work with people who are drawn to art and aesthetics – as these are intrinsic elements of my photographic style. Mostly though I want to work with couples whom I would love to invite to my house for dinner or tea!

Tickets for our London show are on sale now so don't miss out and come and talk to Heather about your unique wedding day plans.


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