Tuesday 23 February 2016

2016 Wedding Hair Trends by THE WEDDING HAIR COMPANY

What IS a stylish girl to do with her hair on her wedding day?

Bridal hair trends change subtly from season to season, influenced by the catwalk, and translating this to beautiful and wearable wedding hair is a job for the experts.

On our blog today, Emily Kent, hair and make-up artist and founder of The Wedding Hair Company, shares her top bridal hair tips for 2016.

Emily tells us:

"2015 was really all about the chignon, all styles revolved around low up-do's at the base of the neck. For 2016 we are shaking things up a bit and moving the hair around a lot more, it's exciting. 

Here are some of the styles that The Wedding Hair Company are seeing to be the new do's for this year. 

Accessory detailing

These accessories from Luna Bea Bridal are amazing, they have a seriously unique and special quality to them. 

Using accessories in this way I think will be big in 2016, accessories that can be placed throughout a whole style to detail it perfectly. 

Simple plaits

Plaits are always going to be massive with wedding hair, they are so versatile and transformable that they suit so many kinds of bridal styles. The feel of on trend braids is changing though and that will carry on into 2016. 

We think we are going to see a lot more simplistic braided styles rather than loads of mini braids making up a style, like this simple and rustic looking example.

Twisted styles

Simple twists are replacing braiding as an alternative technique to add texture and interest to hair styles. 

This example of a twisted halo instead of a braided halo shows that. It is a great way to show multi tonal colour through the hair as well. The accessories within this style are from Feather and Coal. 

Dried flowers

We have always worked with fresh flowers, its a great way to add personality and individualism to a clients look. 

Next year we hope to see more dried flowers in the hair, its adds a great rustic feel and is especially fitting doe country or bohemian style weddings. 

No more curls

We have been curling the hair less and less as we approach 2016. There seems to be a new appreciation for the simplicity of straighter hair. This is definitely a step away from previous trends over the last 12 months, when the hair is waved now the wave is becoming less and less visible, more of a soft bend than a curl. 

Hair up's - like this example show that the hair really doesn't have to have a tong anywhere near it to look great. The accessory within this shot is from Feather and Coal. 

Tailored florals

2016 will be all about specially tailored florals that fit the hair style perfectly. We love working with flowers in the hair, but in previous years flowers have been big and taken over the style to become the focal point. 

We hope that in 2016 we see more of these kind of looks, where the style is complimented by the flowers and not overshadowed. 

Textured plaits

A fishtail wont cut it anymore, plaits are getting more interesting than that. Plaiting is not as simple as 1,2,3 pieces of hair folded over one another now, there are literally hundreds of varieties to the technique. 

This is just one such example of hair turning the technique on its head creates really interesting looks. We will see loads of this in 2016 across all kinds of bridal looks. 

Pretty ponies

We hope to see more ponytails as we move into 2016, as there has certainly been a resurgence of love towards this simple style. However you dress it out - curled, high and big, or waved, low and small....brides are embracing it as a new go-to style. We LOVE it!"

Some inspirational advice from Emily and if you pop by her stand at our London show then she can advise on a Most Curious bridal style just for you. Get your tickets now!

The Wedding Hair Company


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