Monday 8 February 2016

Most Curious brings you flowers, by girls who like good flowers - ONE FLEW OVER

One Flew Over first exhibited with Most Curious at our 2014 show and we couldn't be more happy to welcome them back for a third time, as they join us again in 2016. 

What makes this year's show even more special is that they are coming on board as Sponsors and will be helping to put the 'bush' into our our 'Bush + Wood' styling theme (Becky's words.... )

For Charlie and Jess, the girls behind One Flew Over, doing flowers was always THE Plan. They may have been distracted by a couple of other things along the way but their passion for seasonal stems and natural beauty couldn't be denied and over a cup of tea, as is often the way, the idea for One Flew Over was born.

Based in London, Charlie and Jess offer a completely bespoke floral design service. Every week they travel to New Covent Garden Market to pick seasonal stems, guaranteeing the quality and freshness of their blooms. They favour a natural, foliage-heavy style, rich in texture with an organic and woody feel.

The girls love a green fingered adventure and are more than happy to travel to any location to ensure your floral masterpiece is realised.


The pair are capably assisted in their duties by a green pawed quadruped named Oscar Lost Cat, who is particularly good at dealing with left-over ribbon cuts.

More recently Little Moose, the most adorable puppy, has joined the team and is more than happy to help, as long as it involves chewing on something.

And make sure you check out Charlie & Jess's blog, where you will find lots of flowers and floral inspiration from the girls, we particularly enjoy their 'Houseplant of the Month' series.

February's Houseplant of the Month - Narcissus

Charlie & Jess, we would love to hear what a typical day is like for you

One of the reasons we love this job is that there is no typical day!  Each day is dictated by what meetings and flowery events we have on.

We visit New Covent Garden Market around twice a week to stock up on fresh blooms for our weddings and events.  On these mornings, the alarms go off at 3.45 and we shower, dress and make a brew as quietly as possible so as not to wake men and pets.

Jess leaves Forest Gate and heads to East Dulwich to pick up Charlie (you won’t be surprised to hear that public transport at that time of the morning is sparse!) and then on to Vauxhall for 5am, where we start our shop.  If a couple have asked for a specific flower or quantity of something, we may have popped an order in with the wholesalers in advance, but generally we like to wander around checking what seasonal flowers fall within their brief and look beautiful and fresh.

After grabbing some toast, we head to our shipping container in Battersea where we pop on the radio, knock up a cafetiere of strong coffee and start conditioning.  Flowers are at their healthiest when they have had all their excess foliage removed, their stems are cut at an angle and able to sit in a nice deep bucket of fresh water for a day.  We’ll take advantage of this time to collect any items we have hired for weddings, wash up any vessels we will be using, purchase ribbon, and of course, deal with all the admin.  

The next day we will be back for a long one in the workshop, putting together bouquets, making up table arrangements, creating garlanding - generally doing the bulk of the wedding work.  Any wired work, such as headdresses will be done on the morning of the wedding, before we head off to deliver flowers and install the wedding.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

There are so many amazing florists working in and around London at the moment - all doing their own thing and working their own style, making it an incredibly exciting and inspiring time for wedding flowers.  For us, Jay Archer is someone we are always checking in with - she’s fearless and always has her finger on the ‘trend’ pulse! Also, Thomas Bloom Floral Design who is head of Horticulture of the breathtaking Petersham Nurseries. 

We also find it really energising to keep an eye on the stylists working in London, such as Laura at Hey Style, who has such an infectious sense of fun and is an incredibly useful resource for props and decorative items.

Our inspiration is never limited to florists or flowers though, we find ourselves seduced by anyone who is raising their own chickens, harvesting their own vegetables or foraging for ingredients for a table display. Instagram is perfect for this - you get a nicely edited portrayal of an aspirational life which hugely appeals to our natural, wild side and love of the outdoors.  Check out the accounts of Little Green Shed, Growing Wild Things, Circle of Pines. Dreamy.

How would you describe a One Flew Over couple?

We’ve been so lucky to have worked with some amazing brides and grooms; many of whom we still keep in touch with.  The trait uniting all the couples we come into contact with seems to be the want to create a bloody good party rather than an all out wedding.  The focus is on creating a fun, warm and welcoming environment for family and friends, where good food, good booze and relaxed, natural and super fun flowers are a priority.  Consequently, we do a lot of wild foliage garlanding, branch archways with pops of colourful blooms and hanging installations, as a way to decorate a space in a non-traditional and stylish way which is unique to the couple.

Photography by Harmit Kambo Photography

Make sure you get your tickets to our 2016 show now and come say hello to the lovely One Flew Over girls!


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