Thursday 11 February 2016

Wild, stylish florals by ELECTRIC DAISY FLOWER FARM

If inventive wedding florals are your style then Electric Daisy Flower Farm is right up your street.

Founder, Fiona Haser Bizony, has spent her life collecting beautiful and quirky objects and now combines her love of nature and art at EDFF - producing ethical harvests grown using sustainable garden practices, completely chemical free.

Most Curious loves that the "air miles are accumulated only by the amazing biodiversity of pollinating insects and wildlife who share the land with us." What an enchanting image.

EDFF grow a stunning variety of flowers and foliage and are passionate about creative horticulture. 
They also provide a DIY service where couples can come and pick their own blooms for their wedding day.

Fiona, please talk us through a typical day in your life.
Every day is different on a flower farm. That’s why I love my life. There’s always some interesting task to complete, always something new to learn. 

If I had to choose a favourite day it would be a 5am start in mid-summer. It sounds terrible I know, but I love the peace and quiet of that magical time when everyone else is still tucked up in bed. 

I drive to my flower fields with my empty buckets and cut the flowers needed for the next fews days. I love the meditative, rhythmic task of snipping and bunching my gorgeous flowers. 

Knowing that I’ve grown and nurtured them myself makes the harvest all the more satisfying. 

I stop picking as soon as I can feel the heat of the morning sun on the back of my neck. The flowers are then stored in a cool dark room where they ‘condition’, which is a technical term for having a long, cold drink. 

I usually leave them overnight before they go onto the next stage of their lives. 

My DIY brides come to HQ to pick up their buckets of perfectly conditioned flowers. It’s always nice to hand over my ‘babies’ to ‘loved up’ people who use their own creativity to make their Big Day extra special.
But my favourite brides are the ones who give me free reign to work my magic. Turning my flowers into arrangements is the part I love the most. 

When I’m making bridal bouquets and corsages, I’m in heaven. I’m always humming while I work, and the time flies by.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?
Coming from an arts background, I’m enjoying the horticultural/art mash ups that are beginning to happen right now. I’m in love with the Piet Oudolf's garden at Hauser and Wirth near us in Somerset. We visit regularly throughout the year to see the planting scheme as it changes. 

I’m looking forward to the  Pearson-Heatherwick garden bridge that will cross the Thames in London soon, and I would love to visit the High Line gardens in New York. 

I feel as if we live in interesting times for floristry. There are increasing numbers of artisan growers like me who are using their home grown, British flowers for some very artistic ends. The kind of wild, garden bouquets that are popular now have such a freshness to them. 

Flowers are allowed to have an organically natural bend and flow, and this means that brides can express their individuality in the flowers they choose.

Describe an Electric Daisy Flower Farm bride.
An Electric Daisy Flower Farm bride is a fun loving natural woman. She cares about her wedding day, but she also cares about the impact that her personal celebration might make on the wider environment – and she has chosen British flowers for their natural beauty. 
My favourite bride is one who gives me off-beam instructions, like: ‘I want to look as if I have just walked through a garden and flowers have stuck to my dress,’ or ‘We like thistles, foliage, branches, edibles, and unusual combinations.’ 
I like nothing better than to be trusted to come up with flowers to suit the person and the wedding. What a great job I have…

Make sure you get your tickets to our 2016 show now and see the wild, stylish floral creations by Electric Daisy Flower Farm!

Electric Daisy Flower Farm


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