Friday 29 January 2016

Eco luxe wedding dresses by MINNA

Are you a cool-ass boho chick searching for her dream dress?! Well, we have the designer for you - Minna Bridal!

Minna is a long time fave of Most Curious and we are delighted to welcome her back to our London 2016 show!

Her bespoke and award-winning bridal collection is the perfect choice for ethically aware, stylish brides. Vintage-inspired and custom made from sustainable, vegan-friendly fabrics, Minna is stocked around the world and has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Red, Women’s Wear Daily and Easy Living.

And if short, affordable dresses are more your style then you just have to check out Minna's new sister label, the seriously gorgeous Indiebride collection.

Indiebride is a cool, vintage-inspired and alternative range to traditonal dresses, all made with love in London from the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship.

Welcome, Minna! Please talk us through a typical day in your life

I am very lucky that I live in Dorset.  My lovely staff, studio manager Maria and Miia run the business, meeting clients and organising the manufacturing, running a team of staff and interns. 

Every day is different but typically, our day revolves around meeting brides and sewing dresses. We are busy year round and love creating beautiful pieces.

I focus on social media, sales, marketing and customer enquiries which keeps me busy between my children's school hours. 

Every day I also try to do a long bike ride, walk my dogs or ride my horse. I am also studying to become a pilates teacher and starting a 3 year degree this year in Naturopathic medicine. I am also a qualified personal trainer so from February onwards I am teaching HIIT and functional fitness classes here in Dorset.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

We have never been into bridal trends. I would rather stay faithful to our customers as at the end of the day, we know what they are looking for and why they come to us.

For our new collection, which is out this month, we have sourced some lovely new lace fabrics and are using more and more organic silk, which has a UK Soil Association Certification. 

We sourced some lovely lace from France that we use for our Suki and Sierra veils. I am so in love with that lace and keep thinking creative ways to use it.

Olivia Dress with Suki Veil
Dress by Indiebride with Suki Veil
And how would you describe a Minna bride?

We have two very different brides walking in, hence why we decided to start Indiebride. 

A Minna bride is typically looking for a maxi length dress with a bohemian edge. They tend to want to put their personal twist into our designs and are inclined to go for a more bespoke style.

The Indiebride customer is just looking for a pretty dress to wear on their big day. 

They are also more price conscious and do not typically read bridal magazines, or visit bridal shops.  They are also happy to order online without coming down. 

Both types of customers are so easy to work with, are very environmentally conscious and typically getting married within 6 months or less. We rarely see any bridezillas. We love our customers!

Most Curious are delighted to have Minna join us for our London show at the Old Truman Brewery so get your tickets now and don't miss out on Minna's beautiful bridal and Indiebride collections!


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