Friday 22 January 2016

Your wedding story by PAOLA DE PAOLA PHOTOGRAPHY

Paola De Paola, is a London wedding and same-sex photographer, and a Most Curious favourite! With her Italian passion, creativity and many years of experience, she is a natural and talented artist.

After Paola's degree in Fine Art, she worked as a professional photographer for music magazines and record companies. She consequently moved to work for Getty Images as a high end digital retoucher, more precisely for Contour Celebrities by Getty images. During this time Paola was able to build a very deep understanding of the photographic industry and is a true professional.

Paola loves eclectic, vibrant, unique people and takes the time to understand and listen to her couples. Her creativity, professionalism, friendly and caring nature will help you relax and enjoy the most magical (and possibly nerve wracking!) day of your life, safe in the knowledge that she will beautifully capture your wedding story as it unfolds.

Paola, please talk us through a typical day in your life

Oh gosh, where to start?

I'm not good at talking about myself or in fact about my family. Why? Despite having a family with children, 5 to be precise, people cannot believe that I can also be a working professional, a photographer in fact.

I get a bit fed up with the stereotype, and this is why working as a photographer is helping me to be who I want, the way I want.

So, back to the typical day, I guess the to-do list is never ending with family responsibilities and work commitments.  The first thing is to clear the mess, tidy up the house, because after 9am it is my office.

I really can't work when there is too much mess. Then I will physically write, with a pen on a piece of paper, my to-do list for the day. It makes me feel better to cross out the points as I go down the list.

I will usually meet clients and wedding suppliers in London as I find the city very exciting.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

I love people and their stories, so generally I get very excited to hear how someone pulls through hard times to create something amazing and positive.

I can think of many people that are inspiring me for different reasons. I will mention some of them.

Erin, from Way Out Wedding, a truly amazing woman that despite a challenging family life is always genuinely lovely and helpful. 

Kat, from Kat Forsyth Photography for demonstrating an incredible strength and positivity when going through a difficult illness. 

Federica, from Federica Bruno Couture for her enthusiasm and distinctive creativity.  

Zita, from Zita Elze Flowers for her eclectic knowledge and unique style. Her shop in Kew Gardens is the place I visit when I feel down and uninspired.

They are many more people that inspire me, the list it is incredibly long, so I would only mention a couple more. One has to be my friend Louise from Gingham Hearts a catering and event organiser able to cook for 300 people in a very tiny kitchen. Always happy to help others.

Lauren from Frenchmade for her creativity, for her strength and willpower.

Describe a Paola De Paola couple.

My brand is contemporary but fun, alternative but stylish. My ideal couples are creative and happy in their skin, quite free spirits.

They will be looking for something unusual and very unique, handmade rather than machined. They appreciate the value of personal touch, look after the environment and respect others.

I particularly love to work with LGBT couples for their bold, nonconformity spirit.

Most Curious are SO happy to be welcoming Paola back to our London show at the Old Truman Brewery, get your tickets now and come & get curious with this incredibly lovely and talented photographer!


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