Friday, 3 March 2017

It's in your DNA - Fingerprint wedding rings by ANDREW ENGLISH JEWELLERY

Last year, when wandering around the diverse Aladdin's Cave of all things wedding related that is A Most Curious Wedding Fair, I found myself attracted to a little jewellery stall showcasing perfect minimal wedding bands, the interior side of which was painstakingly etched with couple's finger prints. I was instantly enchanted with the idea. This was Andrew English Jewellery's stall.

Like all creative souls I like nothing more than truly personal touches, and find it especially poetic when science meets art, even more so in the context of anything romantic. I have always been fascinated by the basic theory of forensics, that of substance transferral. When you come into contact with an object, or person - when skins touches, when you brush your hand across a surface, when any surface touches another - there is an exchange of substances. You leave a little of yourself on whatever you touch, and whatever you touch leaves a little of itself on you. I have always found this notion particularly romantic, and so I found Andrew English's elegant expression of love, of exchange of something so personal and bodily as your finger prints, so deliciously appealing and romantic.

Andrew English also offers bespoke pieces, previous designs of which can be viewed on the commissions page of his website. From wedding bands and eternity rings which fit perfectly around an antique family engagement ring, to personalised stacking bands, English's style is mutable yet still retains an element of his signature simplicity.

With a sculptural background and a fascination for all things tiny as a child, Andrew English seems destined to become a jewellery designer. "...a childhood spent drawing, painting, and playing with my father and grandfathers huge collection of tools may have been an influence…" he says. "As a child there was nothing I loved more than making models, It didn't really matter what it was but the smaller and more intricate the better!" He spent time as an apprentice for David McLoughlin; after having a particular affection for working with metals as a student; and he developed and refined his skills in traditional jewellery making. Now, Andrew English's style takes reference from his fine jewelling background, with his own elegant and refined style.

We are excited to have Andrew English with us again this year at the Old Truman Brewery for our London leg of this year's fairs. If you've yet to find the perfect rings I strongly recommend you get your TICKET and pay his stall a visit.


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