Thursday, 16 March 2017


We've been following Marina Licht since we were getting married ourselves when she worked on the big national Wedding magazines, and we're super pleased to both introduce you to her blog, if you don't know about it already (why?) Style and the Bride and to say she'll be coming along to the show!

Marina Licht is the founder and Editor of the wedding blog Style & the Bride, which is all about stylish wedding ideas (she's already rocking the applique embroidery lace style even for a press shot!). 

Marina is passionate about the world of bridal and first got her love for weddings when she was a junior reporter on OK! magazine. She reported on the wedding of a certain A-list couple, Victoria and David Beckham, and from that moment, became obsessed with the world of bridal. The reason why she launched her website as she believed there was a big gap in the market for a fashionable wedding blog.

Marina had a chat with us and says she can't wait to visit A Most Curious Wedding Fair as she knows her followers are obsessed with anything fashion forward. 'I look forward to A Most Curious Wedding Fair every year as I know I will find some innovative bridal suppliers who are perfect for style savvy couples.'


Take a look at her bridal blog here on


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