Sunday, 12 March 2017


In case you need another reason to 1 - Love our amazing sponsor, MATILDA DELVES PHOTOGRAPHY and 2 - come to our super exciting fantastic wedding fair next weekend, check out these packages of lovely that will be up for grabs!

Matilda Delves, in collaboration with Beth Cook Design, has produced some incredible limited edition promotional zines to give away to you Most Curious guys and girls. Complete with to die for wedding photography inspiration, by the woman herself, and some pretty divine gold foil lettering.

Explore select shots from this glorious lenswoman's portfolio, complete with adorable quotes from her gorgeously portrayed and happily married couples. Read about her inspiration and drive, and ogle at the perfect graphic layout. You know we will.

We cannot wait to welcome Matilda to our fair to showcase her emotive and very stylish photographs. Matilda captures the joyous spectrum of human emotion like none other, and her commitment to capturing fleeting memories forever is evident in her raw yet artfully composed style. With the playfulness of disposable camera photography but the professional eye for the exact moment to push the button, we could fangirl about this prolific woman's work all day long.

Image by MATILDA DELVES PHOTOGRAPHY for our #JugglistMassive piece featured on LOVE MY DRESS

Be sure to pick up your TICKETS for our imminent fair if you haven't yet, as we are down to our last few and we don't want to miss you! There's an elegant Matilda Delves zine with your name on it waiting for you...


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