Monday 9 February 2015

Most Curious HEARTS My Love Story Photography

What's the most beautiful story of all? Well a love story of course!

Alex Dimopoulos created My Love Story Photography because he is passionate about documenting people’s stories, and there’s no better story to tell than a wedding. 

Alex combines documentary photography and fine art portraiture with a natural, relaxed approach to tell the ‘real’ story of your wedding day: from fleeting moments as they happen to couple and group portraits.

Alex's approach is relaxed and informal, blending into your wedding like another guest. By keeping things natural, Alex can gently tell your story as it unfolds. 

His goal is to make everybody viewing your wedding photographs feel like they were there, even if they weren’t.

Alex chose the following quote from one of his brides as he felt it summed up his approach to photography so well - 
"Please never stop being a photographer - you have sent us straight back to our most favourite of days. We cannot thank you enough for capturing every feeling that was felt during our Big Day. A million thank yous!! X" - Dee

Looking at Alex's images you can see the emotion, and happiness, shining through and this is one of the reasons we are huge fans of his work too.

And what's the Most Curious thing about My Love Story Photography?

"My leather camera harness has raised a few eyebrows!" Alex tells us. Ooh er missus, very 50 shades!
Come and meet Alex and see his, um, harness at our fair. Get your tickets now folks by clicking here!! 


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