Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Most Curious Gift List Solution from Patchwork Present!

How many of you have toasters and napkins at the top of your gift list? Anyone? Anyone? If you fancy something a bit different then make sure you check out Patchwork Present, who provide an alternative cash gift list for couples, independent of any retailers.

Want to fund a dream honeymoon? A home of your Own? A lusted after piece of art? Whatever it is you can create a patchwork and get your friends and family to contribute to the one big gift you really want - piece by piece.

By creating and sharing a Patchwork Present you get to show the one big gift you would love your friends and family to fund, broken down into a patchwork of smaller, individually priced pieces. Depending on what they can afford or which bit of your patchwork takes their fancy, they are able to choose which particular piece of your present they would like to pay for.

You can find a huge selection of readymade patchworks that you can customise or use to help inspire you. It adds that personal touch too, your friends and family can take pleasure in knowing exactly what they've bought for you, whether it's a couple of beers on the beach or a night in that luxury hotel.

Once you've collected all your funds and have the patchwork of your dreams you can upload photos to your account and email thank you notes, complete with a picture of you enjoying your gift.

And the Most Curious Thing about Patchwork Present?

According to them it's their customers - You should see the amazing patchworks they come up with!

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