Thursday, 26 February 2015

GIANT light up letters and more...why we adore Doris Loves

BOOOOOM! Guys, we are just wild about Doris Loves and let us tell you why!

They have a spectacular range of cool products to hire - from Temporary Tattoo Station to HUGE funky light-up letters. Their 120cm tall letters are unlike any others on the market and their light-weight construction and battery powered lights make them easy to move around at any wedding or event. 

Now, with their new luxury range of LOVE letters they are offering something truly new and unique to the wedding world. 

The luxury range not only has many more lights on offer, but also brand new fonts and most importantly COLOUR! They come in a RED & WHITE set, a GREY & YELLOW set and an imitation GOLD LEAF set. Really and truly, what more could you want…??!

And the Most Curious thing about Doris Loves?

Ah well, the bonkers thing is that Doris Loves was all meant to be a hobby! They started at home with a couple of letters and a couple of orders a month but within a year and a half the company has BOOMED!  They now have three members of staff, a shop packed to the rafters with letters and really we haven't even started yet. The luxury range is only just the beginning…

We are so chuffed to have them at the London show so, peeps, if you haven't got your tickets yet, the countdown has well and truly begun. 

Let's hear we get that part-ay started!

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