Friday 27 February 2015

Melanie Potro Bridal dresses for the MOST CHIC brides!

We are very lucky this year to have so many talented bridal designers and their to-die-for dresses at our show. 

Some of the most beautiful must be the creations of Melanie PotroWith over 18 years’ experience in couture, Melanie Potro understands the many and varied dreams of brides-to-be. 

The award-winning bridal couturier combines creative flair and attention to detail, with a meticulous concern for fit – an essential element for a bride looking for flawless beauty on her big day!

Melanie’s specialty – a lasting legacy of her work with renowned German costume makers Das Gewand, for the likes of the Metropolitan Opera and Royal Opera House – is corsetry. 

Providing support and comfort for fuller figures and adding curves for boyish silhouettes, her corset gowns are created through a thorough knowledge of historical costume and the intricacies of Melanie’s designs have featured in national magazines such as You and Your  WeddingBridesWedding Ideas and Cosmopolitan Bride as well as City A.M andWedding TV

And the Most Curious Thing about Melanie Potro?

Melanie has also appeared in the recent publication ‘The art of the creative entrepreneur’ as well as numerous bridal blogs.

She says, "People really love wearing my corsets as they guarantee a good fit and are lightweight and comfortable."

We think they look absolutely stunning, chic, timeless and very, very elegant.
Come and see Melanie's dresses for yourself at our show in just......6 days!!! EEEEP!


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