Monday 16 February 2015

How to Tell You're at A Hipster Wedding Fair (or why it's ok to be a little Hipster about your big day) Love from Most Curious

In a world saturated with wedding fairs it can be hard to know which one is right for you, or even to know what ‘type’ of wedding fair you might have found yourself. Indeed, there are now so many ‘unique’ wedding shows, they are perhaps becoming as ubiquitous as the Hipster wedding itself.

Known to have been dubbed “the bridal event for hipsters”, Most Curious, The Wedding Show for the Style-Savvy couple is hitting London in a special two day weekend event on the 7-8 March at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. And this is our guide to knowing whether you’re at a Hipster Wedding Fair. And why that probably means you are at Most Curious. Also, we want to let you know why we’re ok with that, and why you should be too :)
*all show pics taken at Most Curious - promo images by Laura McCluskey, the nicest hipster we know.

1)  Look around you, do the majority of the visitors and in fact, exhibitors have any of the following?

Male check list
Man buns

Female checklist
Micro fringe
long bohemian hair and prominent eyebrows
Aztec print garments

Bobble hats
NHS style glasses

2)  Is this taking place in an industrial warehouse space, on an uber cool London street, for example, The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane? Just to be sure, there should be concrete floors, exposed pipes over head and white washed brick walls as the back drop to colour pop decor, en point typography, pineapples and naked bulbs.

3)  Leading on from this, can you sense a ‘theme’ to the styling of the show? if so does it involve Mid-Century furniture, Cacti, Makrame and/or wicker? Most Curious is themed around Palm Springs this year and will be incorporating all of the above, with plenty of crochet panels and foliage hanging from branches, cementing sure signs of Hipster leanings... But it shall be swoonworthy, inspirational and you’ll love it nonetheless :) In fact, there are special installation spaces by creative wedding types, dedicated to the theme to give you ideas for all aspects of your wedding.

4)  The in-house cafe serves.... Cereal! Nothing, yes nothing else in 2015 says ‘en-trend’ more than nostalgic, 80s and 90s breakfast goods. And you’ve guessed it the Most Curious food station (we called it a food station for extra points) is going to be provided by the one and only Cereal KillerCafe! Those infamous poster boys of Hipsterdom, will be right here at the show serving their milky, crunchy goodness and damm good coffee to keep your sugar and caffeine levels at peak height for productive decision making and purchasing. And they can cater your wedding. Enough said. If you see cereal you can now be 20% more certain you are at a Hipster Wedding Show.

5)  Is the show also billed as a ‘shopping experience’? This year Most Curious is pioneering ‘Shop the Show’, highlighting the cool indie brands and makers who will have accessories, plant and floral goodies, paper goods, cake and sweet treats, decos and the like for sale right there on the day from between £1 and £50! So it’s not just about big ol’ bookings (of which there will be plenty) but rest assured there will be lots of opportunities for quick-fix, chic buys for eager beaver brides, sisters, mums and friends!

6) Is it incredibly hard to find a meringue style, shoulderless dress? Have these instead been replaced by bohemian relaxed, cotton floaty loveliness, or perhaps simple, modest tailored silhouettes or lacey, vintage originals? No self respecting hipster bride would be seen wed in something that doesn’t in some way resemble a souped up version of something they would ordinarily wear on a night out in Dalston. And in fact, once it hits midnight, she may just sling on her leather jacket and go off with her crew and new husband into their usual stomping ground!

7)  Hipsters love booths and illustration in equal measure. Therefore, if you spot some kind of stall, counter or bar dispensing painted, drawn or written objects you are truly in the midst of a Hipster event. Most Curious not only has a temporary tattoo booth by Doris Loves, but also an actual Portrait Machine, where artist Amy Pennington interacts with the audience through the 'Speak Here' holes in the booth. As people wait Amy draws their portrait and once completed it is delivered by hand via a slot in the machine - sounds fairly normal for wedding entertainment, right? 

There should be no dull cakes or flowers in sight. Cakes will have a completely bespoke outlook, perhaps with heritage print style motifs, gold dipped feathers, neons or rainbow colours and will have been made by people with media backgrounds who have let their creativity spill into the culinary arena to amazing effect! Flowers will be loose, large, natural and over flowing and instantly get you instagramming. They maybe displayed on ladders or strung upside or perhaps on the heads of the exhibitors themselves. Expect to see a lot of succulents,. Succulents, succulents, succulents. Hell there’s even veils with succulents on, courtesy of AM Faulkner Bridal.

9)  Is there a special section of the show dedicated to nurturing and celebrating up and coming designers, makers and movers and shakers in the industry, perhaps entitled something like bridalNEXT! ? Most Curious rocks it’s own mini platform of 20 designers hand picked to be doing directional and innovative things who have a business that is less than 4 years old, so you can be sure that you will be seeing some of the most exciting and freshest peeps and ideas out there. Rock n Roll Bride herself will give her much coveted seal of approval to one lucky winner of the bridalNEXT! Award too!

10) I think you’re pretty much golden, if you said yes to all these pointers there’s just one final way of being totally certain you have entered a Hipster Wedding Show. Does the promo shoot for the fair look like this? And has it been shot by a leading fashion and wedding photographer from Hackney, namely Laura McCluskey? Carefully crafted to incorporate many of our big trend predictions for the coming year, the promo shoot sets the tone of what promises to be a style-savvy event for the style-savvy couple.

Ok, so..busted! This is mostly a run down of things to expect at Most Curious 2015, you got us guys! But we just feel ready to embrace our ‘Wedding Show for Hipsters’ title, we’ve  asserted our niche and it is a little bit Hipster, but we are proud of that and we think you should be too!  Take it with a pinch of salt guys, have fun with it, don’t take yourselves too seriously. From the outside looking in, that is the main downfall of the Hipsterdom, and we promise not to either! But what’s wrong with being of the moment?

Hipsters get a bad wrap as being slaves to fashions and trends and a pre-occupation with ‘cool’.  Ok, we don’t want to be dressed like a robot on a tiny bicycle, wearing spilt paint as a hair-do on our wedding day (well, not simply because it’s a treeend and without a good personal reason. If you have a real connection for any of things, then go for it!) But wanting to be en vogue and a part of the time you are in, it makes you feel alive! Moving with the times, while remembering how far you have come and who you are, together. It’s exciting to feel the allure of new ideas, of the here and now, and you can pick and choose what is right for you, or simply be inspired by it, rather than carbon copy. Hipster doesn’t mean a follower it means a Pioneer, an innovator! That’s what we try to be and bring all those things you love in everyday life to your wedding. And caring about what things look like and adding a little edge and thought to your surroundings comes naturally if you are a creative person no matter how little or how much, especially if it’s about putting together one of the most important days of your life! We say, activate your inner or outer hipster for your wedding, this is the day you get to be the coolest people in the world, right? Just for one day....



Sponsored by Rock 'n Roll Bride, You and Your Wedding, Cereal Killer Cafe and Barefoot Wines

For more details see the website.We still have space for exhibitors at London so get in touch to join the gang!


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