Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Meet the bridal NEXT! Judges Norwich - Journalist and all round fresh-talent scout Wendy Roby

A champion for the arts, particularly for new and emerging talent, Wendy Roby has written for Norwich Magazine, The Guardian, Mixmag, Dazed & Confused, Grazia and the BBC, as well as being a former guest on Radio 1’s Review Show with Nihal. Once Co-Editor of a music blog that was named one of The Sunday Times’ ‘100 Best Blogs in the World’, she now writes best-selling funny books for the publisher Michael O’Mara and has a regular column for Drowned in Sound where she is also Singles editor. Nuff said we can't wait to have her as a bridal NEXT! Judge! Here's her interview - we love it!

1. Do you have any pre-formulated wedding dress plans?

Being an old lady spinster with no current plans for marriage [no young Wendy, less of the 'old' and 'spinster'!] I don¹t spend a great deal of time thinking about my wedding dress. Mainly because I am a bit keener on finding the right cove to snog (forever). But if I did, I¹d like to think it¹d be like The Lord of the Rings ­ One Dress, To Rule Them All. The sort of dress you¹d feel absolutely amazing in, but which might look a mental a few years down the line. I¹ve never really been a terribly elegant or classical sort of dresser, so it would need to make me grin, and have a sense of fun about it.

2) What will be the most important aspect of your wedding? What do you think you
will spend the most time planning?

Almost certainly the most important thing about a wedding, apart from a)
having located the right chap and b) being surrounded by nice people you
love, is the food. And by food, I mean Brays Cottage pork pies, and Orange
Blossom real ale. Although some friends of mine gave their guests a full
English breakfast, and I thought that was a super idea.

Most Curious's impression of what Wendy's wedding cake might look like....

3) Who excites you the most in the wedding industry or in wedding
ideas right now?

I think given the recession, anyone who can do creative, romantic, original
things on a budget is good. I think eloping is kind of brilliant, too.

4) What will you be looking for at Bridal NEXT! ?

I want to see a dress that makes me say 'Cor!' out loud. (I fully expect
this to happen.)

5) What are you working on right now?

Today I am about to go and teach some young chaps about working in the music
industry. Later I will be mostly: doing a website for a massage therapist
and listening to Anna Meredith (while going 'Cor!'). I¹m doing some research
for a TV comedy too, which is so much fun I don¹t mind if I don¹t get paid
(this is rare).

Follow Wendy on @wendy_roby and her hilarious blog.


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