Monday, 15 October 2012

Featured Norwich Exhibitor ~ Sugarfish Productions

Inspired by some of the world's best wedding cinematography, Sugarfish Productions is the brainchild of Gary Thompson and Brendan Granger and was born out of a mutual desire to change the face of wedding videography. Tired of seeing plenty of unimaginative, poor quality and outdated work within the wedding industry, the pair saw that after the huge changes and evolution of wedding photography in the last ten years, it was about time that wedding cinematography followed suit and became what photography has become - beautiful, personal, and unique. The guys describe Sugarfish as their true "calling" and aim to offer some fresh new talent to their field, proving that there's far more to videography than just pointing a camera and pressing record. Like all awesome photographers, the duo understand what makes a wedding - the people, the emotions, the details and those little moments that are the ones you'll want to relive forever. Sugarfish couples are all about being themselves on their big day (and before it too!), along with having fun and an appreciation for amazing storytelling - principles that the guys have built the brand on.

Co-owner and Filmmaker Gary

Co-owner and Filmmaker Bren

At Curious HQ,  we think their vids are totally up our street - you know we love anything that breaks away from so-called tradition and offers something truly unique. We're so excited they are making their Most Curious debut in Norwich this Sunday, and here's a little taster of what they offer to whet your wedding appetites - we just know you'll agree it's something pretty special, yes?


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