Tuesday 21 February 2017

Tell the story of your love with LEONARD GARLAND PHOTOGRAPHY

Filmic. That's the only true way to describe the visual talent that is LEONARD GARLAND; master wedding photographer and storyteller of modern romance. With his editorial background and keen eye for detail, expect highly art directed photos that still sing with the idiosyncrasies of your very real life. Garland distills the essence of each of his clients weddings through his lens, painting your memories into perfect compositions worthy of being mistaken for a cinematic still. Using natural light and focusing in on pure moments of emotion, textures and flavours of the day, Lee Garland Wedding Photography speaks to the dreamers and adventurers of life and love.

Travelling to epic locations from the Scottish Highlands to the historic buildings in and around central London, Garland translates your wedding venue into a film set. Expect Wes Andersen-esque balanced and wide angled shots, alongside ethereal images that play with depth of field. Your joyous embraces and coy smiles will be transformed into a beautiful art house love scene. Your memories captured in all their moving and theatrical glory forevermore. What more could you want from a wedding photographer!

So if you have always fantasied about starring in your very own romantic movie, the only man for job is Leonard Garland. You can come meet him at our March fair in the heart of Shoreditch, London, alongside a selection of the countries best contemporary wedding brands. Be sure to grab your TICKETS ASAP though, as we are rapidly running low!

See you at fair, ready for your close up of course!

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