Tuesday 14 February 2017

Dress-Less Weddings with HOUSE OF OLLICHON

When avid clothes-customiser, jumpsuit lover and business savvy Hannah was preparing to become Mrs Ollichon she was faced with a bit of a dress conundrum. Having both a registry office wedding here in London, and a larger more traditional ceremony in her husband's native France, Hannah was faced with not one, but two wedding dresses to search for. Eek! Her hunt for a relaxed but stylish ensemble, that was both bank balance friendly and beautiful, was not one for the faint hearted. She was faced with items that were either too expensive, poorly constructed, not to her taste or far too fancy. Rather than give up the ghost, the almost Mrs Ollichon did what all inspirational people do - she made her dream happen herself!

HOUSE OF OLLICHON was born, and instantly filled a gap in the market for chilled wedding ensembles for the bride in need of something comfortably gorgeous that won't cost the earth. Want an evening outfit to change into post ceremony that won't trip you up mid Ceilidh? Perhaps like Hannah, you'd like a second wedding dress for a registry office affair? Or maybe you have never worn a dress in your life and you're not about to start on your wedding day of all days. House of Ollichon is the answer to all your dress-less bridal prayers.

Separates and jumpsuits make up Hannah Ollichon's capsule Collection of 24 perfectly constructed bridal pieces. Expertly assembled from the finest French lace and elegant English silks, House of Ollichon focus on fit, silhouette and comfort, creating highly wearable items that still feel special.

Counter to popular, saccharine beliefs, not every bride wants to feel like a fairy princess. Some brides would rather feel like, you know, themselves. Maybe that's wearing something "athletic but revealing?" Turn your attention to HoO's 'Thomas' top, inspired by a "sporty" Ollichon bride of the same name. Maybe you'd like to channel Miss Monroe whilst being able to boogie like a 1970s disco queen in a 'Yorath' jumpsuit? Perhaps you want to play gender roles and like the idea of wearing a suit? 'Laird' is the perfect flattering and androgynous answer.

Thomas Top and Skirt
Yorath Jumpsuit
Laird Jumpsuit

We can't wait to welcome Hannah and her team back this March to our London fair at the Old Truman Brewery. In anticipation of reuniting with her, we sat down to talk about her successful business so far...

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

I was lucky enough to marry my French husband twice and for our registry office celebration in London I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear! I didn't want a big long dress for this very chilled occasion where we simply went to the pub afterwards. At the same time, anything I found on the high street wasn't quite special enough.

There are thousands of women just like me who simply, don't want to wear a dress. I realised there was a huge gap in the market for relaxed bridal collection and being a huge jumpsuit lover decided to go one step further and delete the traditional dress concept completely. So, House of Ollichon, the first dress-less bridal collection was born!

Hannah Ollichon at Most Curious 2016
Photography by Milda Vasile

What's been the coolest/best moment of your career so far?

It's a tie between winning the Best Newcomer at the British Wedding Awards and when one of my brides was so happy she invited me to her wedding!

Who or what inspires you?

Cool, strong women. House of Ollichon designs are all named after women who either inspired a design or would suit the shape, fabric or vibe of a certain piece.

What words would you use to describe the trends for 2017?

Sleek, simple, contemporary with touches of exceptional detail.

If, like us, you can't wait to run your fingers over House of Ollichon's satiny treasures, be sure to snap up your TICKETS for our London fair this March. We shall see you there my lovelies...

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  3. What an inspiring story! Hannah's journey to find the perfect wedding attire led to the creation of HOUSE OF OLLICHON, filling a gap in the market for stylish yet Retro Bowl comfortable wedding ensembles. Whether you're looking for a second dress for a registry office wedding or something non-traditional, House of Ollichon has you covered. It's a testament to creativity and determination to make dreams a reality.