Thursday, 10 March 2016

bridalNEXT! 2016 - The Rock n Roll Bride Award

Established in 2012, bridalNEXT! is an initiative set up by Most Curious to support and promote fresh, fashion-led, new and innovative talent in the bridal industry. Not only launching them into the spotlight, we are also bringing them straight to the creative, stylish and cool loving brides and grooms.
AND A SELECT FEW WILL BE RECEIVING THE 2016 ROCK ‘N ROLL BRIDE AWARD! (here's VELVET JOHNSTONE receiving her award for winning the BRIDAL WEAR Category last year).

To propel our bridalNEXT!ers firmly into the spotlight, there will be a special Rock 'n Roll Bride Award, given for possessing big-time innovation and directional qualities, chosen by the candy hair coloured, expressive wedding queen herself Kat Williams, founder of the internationally famous and respected Rock 'n Roll Bride blog and magazine. There are two categories, BRIDAL WEAR and SERVICES, and a winner and runner up in each.

Who is she gonna chose?



Dana has held a range of positions within some of the top London design houses before setting up her own label. Faced with preparing for her own wedding, she was initially shocked to find how few modern, directional dress options there were for brides who love fashion. And thus, DANA DALLAL BRIDAL was born, just this year.

JUNO FROCKS are branching out into bridal, which is good news if you like a corseted, couture or theatrical or tailored kind of vibe, as these guys earned their stripes as costume makers for period dramas on TV and movies. They also specialise in LBGT bridal (and groomal) type wear, with a little historical/steam punk thrown in! 

Having trained as a jeweller & silversmith for over seven years, FIONA MCCLEAR has developed her own signature, illustrative style, working exclusively with precious metals.  She loves origami and paper-cut puppetry and these influence her delicate style. 

Founder Natascha Chambers made her own dream wedding dress (picture attached), with materials costing £34! So based on that, she believes that  'Bridal' doesn't have to mean ' crazy expensive, and we try and help our brides find more economical ways of making their dreams come true (cheaper fabrics, and adjusting the designs to reduce labour time and therefore cost). Plus a t-shirt range with slogans like #bridesquad and #bridezilla!

TUGTIES is a new, hackney-based brand specialising in playfully designed handmade bow ties. TUGTIES is specifically popular among grooms who want to bring an alternative touch to their special day,’ says founder Tugcan Dokmen.

Hand painted, custom wedding shoes by artist Alex. Completely bespoke to the couple - from Dinosaurs to roses, you choose!

Ayesha Redmond-Smith is a jewellery and accessories designer, who works predominantly in textiles. Ayesha designs vintage and vintage inspired pieces, combining vintage fabrics and lace with more contemporary fabrics.

Ayesha's inspiration comes from period styling and the majority of her work is inspired  by the pleating in Edwardian Ruff Collars. Her bridal accessories include necklaces, cuffs, sashes, headpieces and more.


A new and wild force of creativity on the wedding florist scene, India of VERVAIN also grows her own flowers where possible too.

Visual artist and illustrator Amy travels around in her pop up booth, powering the machine of portraits!

A completely intricate, illustrative attitude to cakes from MIMOLO, who also creates paper goods for weddings too.

Polish Karolina of BOBBIN and BOW has breathed new life into the traditional Pajaki decorations of her grandmothers' generation to create a truly new and exciting idea on wedding decor design.

Founded by Kim and her partner Rob PINGLE PIE, combined their backgrounds in stationery design, fine art and graphic design to create painterly and pretty hand crafted stationery, prints and gifts. 

Unique handmade glass homeware, terrariums and planters and geometric glasswear. MONTI by Monti are makers of a new type of wedding centre piece and  a fresh approach to including greenery in your decor.

Maria Framis of UBYME is a young architect from Barcelona living and working in London. The fan of home decoration, packaging and handmade products, now turns her design eye to a new breed of decorations.

From head chef in a Hackney Cafe, YOLK, has a truly bespoke attitude to her cakes, tailored to each couple, with taste and ingredients equally important as beautiful style.

SASSY ALA MODE are a super styling sister duo from Central Florida who are based both there and London, bringing that fresh, poppy, slick vibe we know the US does so well in wedding worlds.

A brand new company, FOX AND OWL'S approach towards photography is that of storytellers, blending into the background in order to capture your day as naturally as possible in their signature, contemporary and considered style. And with an elegant, modern, simplistic approach to their design, Fox & Owl aim to deliver stationary that is a celebration of your identities and personalities as well as a reflection of your big day.

A fashion designer for 8 years, SINCERELY MAY has worked for some of the top brands and companies within the UK & Australia, where she developed her love of design and colour. After getting married in May 2012 and designing all of the stationery and decor for the big day, her wedding was featured in 'You & Your Wedding' magazine and she's since been asked me to design the stationery for their wedding & hen parties for friends, which has lead to Sincerely May.

BLOSSOM AND CRUMB make cakes for happy days.  The wedding cakes, dessert tables and sweet treats are designed in close consultation with clients by Megan in South East London. They use the best available ingredients to make great tasting flavours which range from classic to cutting edge alongside creating a unique centrepiece for the big day.


Ayla of WAGTAIL PRODUCTIONS has always been obsessed with taking photographs, even as a child. This love of photography and documenting her life evolved into a love of videography and you will see a huge range of styles in her films. Take a look at their show reel and you will see super 8mm vintage looks, reportage, stop motion animation, split screen fun, and classic cinema. They easily adapt to the vibes of the individual couple and the atmosphere of the day. With a background in TV, music videos and big feature films, they demonstrate their understanding of story telling and camera language in each individual film. Like this little vid. 


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