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Eclectic wedding collection by OXX JEWELLERY

An Alleweireldt, founder of Oxx Jewellery and graduate of the Royal College of Art, is one of Most Curious's most inventive jewellery exhibitors.

An has a number of wonderfully unique jewellery collections available in her online shop, many inspired by everyday items such as records, lollipops and ice cream sticks, in addition to offering bespoke commissions - ideal for Most Curious couples!

We especially love her 'Cats' collection with cute rings and pendants - a purr-fect (sorry...) gift for feline loving bridesmaids and, of course, Oxx's stunning Wedding & Engagement Collection with eclectic wedding bands and engagement rings.

And you just have to check out Oxx's Cufflinks collection, there is something for every single one of your design-led grooms. We are seriously loving the vinyl record cufflinks!

Hi An, we would love to hear what a typical day is like for you.

None of my days are similar and that's exactly why I love my job.

I look at my emails first thing in the morning and continue to do so during the day as I like to respond to clients requests as soon as I can. 

Contrary to everyone's beliefs I do not make jewellery every day, as there is a lot more to my job than making. I often meet people in Central London to discuss their requirements.

I like picking a nice quiet cafe or hotel bar as it's a good excuse for me to visit these lovely places London has to offer. I get inspired by London's architecture & exhibitions and often take advantage of my time there to visit these places.

Once my head is full I need time to digest and I love having my own quiet space where I can think and make. I don't sketch very often but play with materials to design, or I use 3d modelling programs.

I'm a product designer as  well as a jewellery designer and I'm used to working this way, its a lot quicker and more accurate than sketches!

Once I'm in making mode, my days tend to be very long and lonely. It is something I love and need to do to get the results I want. Over the time of my 13 years in business, my friends have become to understand this, so I'm very lucky!

Who or what is inspiring you right now? 

I work with very simple shapes and materials. Less is more but the attention is on the detail. As Eames said so well 'the details are not the details, they make the product!'. 

I love incorporating daily materials into precious metals to make a finished product. This takes time and a lot of trial and error, but I love doing the research. 

I have a few new wedding pieces in mind, something that I have been thinking about for a while. Christmas and New Year came first though, now is the time to materialize those and I'm very excited to start!

Describe an Oxx bride

My bride is often very creative herself. She loves well made simple and elegant designs, which are unusual yet timeless.

Sometimes she likes adding her own ideas to the work, which makes the finished product unique and extra special.

You can meet An and see the amazing Oxx jewellery collection at our 2016 London show at the Old Truman Brewery so get your tickets now!

Oxx Jewellery

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