Thursday 12 November 2015

Welcoming the very talented and very lovely LEE GARLAND as Photography Sponsor for Most Curious 2016!

If you're looking for a photographic storyteller who loves getting caught up in the joy and excitement of your wedding day then Lee Garland is your man. We were chuffed to see his application appear in our inbox and jumped at the opportunity to have him as our Photography Sponsor for 2016.

Not only is Lee a fantastic wedding photographer he also shoots for a number of national publications, such as The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. He has been a professional photographer since 2002 and has a wealth of experience in different photographic genres, ranging from Interiors to Architecture, from Music to Portraiture and of course Weddings.

Lee's career began at university where he spent the majority of his time in the student magazine offices, starting out as the photographer and then progressing to Picture Editor. His talent was recognised and acknowledged by The Independent in 2002 when he was voted Student Photographer of the Year. 

Straight out of uni he secured a job as Staff Photographer for a publisher and during his time at this job he managed to fulfill his childhood dream of meeting Slash and Duff of Guns 'n Roses fame!

Lee's style is predominantly reportage, with a focus on capturing your wedding day as it unfolds, naturally and organically. He genuinely enjoys weddings, and his passion for people and for recording their special day clearly comes across in his work. Whether it's a more quiet, reflective moment before the ceremony or the laugh out loud fun at the reception afterwards you can be confident Lee will get the kind of shots you will treasure forever.

Hi Lee and welcome to Most Curious! We would love to know more about a typical day in your life.

I’m so tempted to describe an idealised, enviable world of self-employed freewheeling. Home-toasted granola followed by some hot yoga and a teaching kids to use a camera - but in reality we’ve just had a baby daughter. She’s incredible and teaches me things every day. If you’re asking what a typical day entails; I’ll be brutally honest and say getting pooed and weed on routinely.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Over an incredibly short period of time, wedding photography has gone from something that carried more than a little stigma with it, to something genuinely beautiful.

There is an incredible freedom, on the one hand coming from the photographers and filmmakers, and on the other from couples casting off the constraints and rules that built up around wedding. I get inspired by people bravely treading their own path - couples and other photographers alike - and I’m lucky enough to see that happening everywhere I look.

Describe a Lee Garland Photography couple

My ideal couples get lost in themselves on the day, they laugh, they cry and they have the best day. But more so, the best day for them - regardless of what they ‘should’ be doing or think they’re expected to do. I just tag along for the ride and they put their trust in me to tell the story of their day, whatever that might be.

Lee is available to cover weddings anywhere in the UK but also loves to travel more widely, and has photographed a number of destination weddings in places such as Ibiza, the South of France, the Pyrenees and Greece. You can find out more about the services he offers and their corresponding prices here.

Lee will be exhibiting at our 2016 London show at the Old Truman Brewery so get your tickets now, and come and say hello to the man himself.

Until then make sure you follow Lee on instagram and facebook to see more amazing images and for plenty of laughs too.

On a side note, we think Lee may possibly have the best beard in the industry!


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