Thursday 26 November 2015

Artisan handmade books by LOTUS BLU BOOK ART

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart"
William Wordsworth

Lotus Blu Book Art is a small artisan bookbinding company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland that specialises in block printed, hand bound guest books, photo albums and journals, with a beautiful and eclectic art and design look. 

Most of their book art is custom made, each one being as unique as the individuals they are made for.

Moneeza, one half of the husband and wife Lotus Blu team, says 
"We are on a mission to get memories and musings out of cyber space and into a proper journal or photo album..Couples visiting the fair looking for a 'curious' keepsake that can be passed on will find just that in our customised books."

Most Curious especially loves the geometric, ethnic prints and bright gypsy-infused embellishments on Lotus Blu's latest designs - perfect for an off-beat wedding!

Moneeza, please talk us through a typical Lotus Blu day

Our day begins early around 6.30 am, Brian is a morning person and I am the complete opposite, It takes me at least two or three cups of coffee before I can function normally again. I reply to Etsy messages and emails while plonked on the sofa in my jim jams - the perks of working from home!

While Brian does the school run, I roll out my yoga mat. A quick shower later and I'm ready for the day ahead. Brian and I discuss what needs to be done over breakfast. We head up to the studio around 9am with more coffee and our faithful companion Ruben, our spaniel.

I normally finish off whatever I may have been working on from the night before or pack up books that are ready for the post. I usually work on a couple of projects at a time. I paint and do all the binding while Brian does all the prep work such as hand ripping and dyeing paper, making cover blanks and getting all the paper cut to size. 

We take a quick lunch break which normally involves a bit of house hold chores and then before we know it, it's 3pm and time for Kahal to come home, then it's homework, piano lessons, dinner prep, dog walks etc - sometimes I find it difficult to get a good creative rhythm going between 3-6 pm so I tend to do other things like online shopping for material or a bit of social media interaction or more prep work. 

I paint mostly at night when all is quiet and there are no distractions. I usually fall into bed around midnight, read a little and then I am out like a light!

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

Shibori is something I am crushing on these days. 

I recently dyed a load of paper using this Japanese indigo dyeing method with some gorgeous handmade paper which I have made into some guest books, albums and sketchbooks with added paintings and block printing. 

Describe a Lotus Blu couple

A Lotus Blu couple would be quite laid back, well travelled, readers, dreamers, yogis, artsy and above all have an eclectic style and not be afraid of colour.  

Lotus Blu is exhibiting at our 2016 London show at the Old Truman Brewery so get your tickets now and start planning your very own unique keepsake!


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