Sunday 8 March 2015

Let Clissold House Make Your Day!

Today we hand the blog over to Clissold House who want to share with you their tips on how to make your wedding day one to remember... for all the right reasons!

How To Make Your Wedding Unique

You will always remember your wedding day - that’s a given. However, making that day the best it can be, the most joyously unique expression of the love you’re celebrating, can be a challenge, particularly with so many options and ideas in all directions. But fear not! To help you in your quest to craft your own unique festival of frivolity and legal proceedings, here’s our handy five category breakdown of the headline things you need to consider to give your wedding its own bespoke buzz.

The Location

An unusual location can bring a real zest of curiosity to your day - whether you choose to take your guests to a local former municipal swimming pool, a clifftop napoleonic fort, or out into nature on a specially planned ramble in the woods, choosing an environment with your own particular kind of magic can lend your wedding an atmosphere that’ll live long in the memory of that second cousin you felt duty-bound to invite.

The Ceremony

Before you get to skip to the heartfelt speeches, glowing family photos and copious drinking, there’s the small matter of the ceremony itself. Wedding dresses and black tie aren’t for everyone, and considering alternative garb for both bride and groom, to maximise your own comfort and style, is certainly something to consider.

Adding a touch of personal silliness to your order of service can keep everyone smiling as they wait for the ceremony to begin, or more chemically, a fruity beverage bar can also assist. You can further brighten their days, and yours, with a thoroughly unconventional and tailored approach to the flowers - commonly overlooked, these are an opportunity to make a statement and bring bright, radiant fun to the centre of your ceremony.

The Dancing

Arguably, the one element of every wedding that is truly guaranteed to summon raw, beautiful and unbridled uniqueness into the world is the moment your assorted friends and family take to the dancefloor together.

Still, it’s best to help them along in every way you can - from a hand-picked craft beer bar to unleashing a meticulously prepared flashmob upon your unsuspecting spouse, this is your opportunity to indulge yourself in the music you both love. If your wedding day has a broader aesthetic theme, why not choose something delightfully clashing? Whether that’s a 1940s themed female harmonies trio, a six-piece brass band or the end-of-the-pier extravagance of dueling pianos, there’s plenty of potential for a fab sound that’ll get everyone dancing.  

The Exit

When choosing how to leave the biggest party of your life, it’s important to do it in style. Equip your guests with the tools for spectacle - they can become glittery mixologists at the confetti bar, or sparklers, candles and even lightsabers all round can make for a dramatic departure arch. Of course, the exact method of your departure depends on your chosen location - whether its by hot air balloon or canal boat, make sure you get your ‘off into the sunset’ moment.

The Memory

Preserving your experience in a way relevant to you is important. If you and your partner are keen amateur photographers, try giving everyone a disposable camera to create an extensive and thoroughly personal collection of perspectives on your special day.

Otherwise, if you’re both really into film, or a particular director like Wes Anderson, a styled photoshoot would be a classy alternative to the more traditional photography. You could also set up a video booth, bursting with props and mementos, to allow guests to record private video messages attesting to their love for you, or their severe disappointment in your choice of spouse.

For those with slightly more analogue tastes, why not ask an artist to create a portrait of your ceremony as its happening? Such a unique personal record of your marriage would definitely be a very happy thing to have around in the future.

We hope our five point plan helps you keep your plans on track. However you chose to celebrate and make your day unique, enjoy every moment!


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