Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Not sure if you saw on our facebook and twitter, but we mentioned about an amazing new wedding venue in Ringland, Norfolk called The Keeper and the Dell. Well, everyone went a little bit mental about it! I have been asked about it so many times since then and people go very misty eyes, like ‘this is the one’ type faces, when they see the website. It’s great!

It’s basically the dream - An outside space to have a beautiful boho, relaxed but stylish countryside party for the easy going but very chic bride who wants to have a festival type celebration. BUT it is still geared up to be structured (yes structure can be fun!), professional and hassle free. Think twinkly fairy lights, long grass, rustic food, hidden away rooms and woodland cabins, pom poms hanging in trees, bottles of beers in tipis, oh my goodness, why am I already married?!

It is run by the Streek's, the warm and welcoming (but ultra cool) family who also had the shop Follies in the Norwich Lanes, so you KNOW they have a keenly trained eye for the aesthetically beautiful, meticulous dedication to interior design and styling with a dare I say, hippy edge. They literally just opened in the venue up in this rural village in Norfolk, and guess what they are doing a special collaboration with us that you gotta hear about! To celebrate the opening alongside the Norwich Most Curious Wedding Fair they are offering a marvellous £500 discount to the first 3 Brides that book their wedding for this year after hearing about the venue through Most Curious!!!

We are doing it two ways - 2 spaces will go to brides who contact Lolly Streek either through the website for more details, mentioning that you are a ‘Most Curious Bride’. Or please come along to the Most Curious Wedding Fair this Saturday 23 March St Andrews Hall and ask to have your name put on the Keeper and the Dell list as you come through the door and the couples will be contacted by Lolly within 3 weeks of the Fair.

Here comes the T&Cs so listen carefully....the couples must agree to have their photos published on the Keeper and the Dell website as well as the connected blogs and websites and social media. Oh actually, that’s it! So get emailing and calling curious brides and of course come along to our fair on Saturday to get your name on that list. You are welcome! x



  1. I absolutely love this!! Can't wait to go and explore the keeper and the dell!

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