Thursday 21 March 2013

bridalNEXT! ~ Meet The Judges - Katy Coe of Vintage Deli

Our next judge is the one and only Katy Coe, founder of renowned vintage store (and favourite of none other than Vogue magazine) Vintage Deli. With a fascination with beautiful vintage fashion, the fashion world as a whole, and a penchant for glamour and dressing up, Katy began her boutique to share with others her passion, and Vintage Deli houses a handpicked selection of the very finest ingredients which are beautifully aged for your wardrobe. A true advocate of local talent, Katy is often involved in Norfolk fashion events and photoshoots, as well as offering a styling service for red carpet events, films, photoshoots and more. One multi talented gal or what!

As part of the prize, we are excited to say that Vintage Deli will be stocking pieces from both accessories and dresses from the winners of bridalNEXT!, which is a truly amazing platform for our winning talent. We've taken time out with Katy to get the lowdown on what she's loving, looking for and the plans for her very own 2013 wedding...

Who or what is your biggest fashion inspiration and why?
I've finally just watched the documentary Grey Gardens and I would say playing dress up is daily occurrence at my house. My mum's 60's dresses was where it all started - and my obsession with well tailored clothes with an edge began. One dress in particular has always remained my key player: a slim fitting turquoise dress that sits just above the knee. I found her nestling at the back of my mum's wardrobe 15 years ago. She rocks and I still wear her. It's true that some simple, staple pieces will last you a lifetime - despite flights of fancy in between!

What will you be looking for to make your decision for this year's winner?
I'll be looking for someone who isn't afraid to lead and who doesn't follow. I'm always open minded, so I won't know it until I see it.

What don't you want to see?
I don't have any set ideas of what I don't want to see - I just don't want to see anything dull or too safe!

Are you excited to have the winners work in your store?
Very excited! I am always thrilled to help support up and coming creative talent.

You have just moved premises, where are you now and do you have wedding dresses?
We open at Drove Orchards in Thornham at the end of May. Set in a beautiful apple orchards on the edge of the marshes, it's the perfect place to take Vintage Deli. And Wedding Dresses - oh yes, we have over 50 dating all the way back to the 1920s.

A shoot with Norfolk Brides and A Most Curious Wedding Fair featuring a Vintage deli dress . Make up by Love Moi and Flowers by Jo Flowers

You are getting married this year! We MUST know more!
Yes, I am indeed getting married this June. I'm definately no bridezilla, and I want a relaxed, informal affair that really goes back to (beautiful) basics. Simple yet effective is my ethos. A little impulsive so whatever takes my fancy at the time - I'm being very vague I know! For style, think Victorian farmer meets new wave harvest festival - lots of natural light, then tea lights on water for nightfall. And I'm definitely not afraid of a hay bale or two! The music will definitely play a key role, and we are planning an eclectic mix of folk acoustic, rock n roll, dirty bass, and we will finish with rustic chill out!

Eeek! We think you'll agree Curio's that that sounds RIGHT up our street! You'll also be able to peruse a beautiful selection of Vintage Deli goods on the day as they will be exhibiting too - so vintage loving brides, you know where to go!


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  9. Katy Coe, founder of Vintage Deli, brings her passion Pokerogue for vintage fashion and local talent to bridalNEXT! Her boutique, a favorite of Vogue, offers handpicked, beautifully aged pieces for your wardrobe. As a true advocate for local talent, Katy's involvement in Norfolk fashion events and photoshoots, along with her styling service, showcases her multi-talented nature.