Friday 21 September 2012

Meet the bridal NEXT! judges - Hazel Holtham, founding director of Rag & Bow

You know when you just know you are in the presence of someone who was born cool, someone you KNOW is going places, if not already there, and that place is HUGE! Well that's how we feel when we are lucky enough to spend some time with Most Curious friend Hazel Holtham of roaming vintage store Rag & Bow.

Rag & Bow is way more than a vintage store, Holtham is a social media mogul, a brand creating 'don', inspirational speaker and can predict a trend at 30 paces better than anyone you'll ever meet! Holtham, London College of Fashion graduate, self-confessed street style junkie has previously work in international music television & artist management, with an acclaimed back catalogue includes work with Sony, Polydor, The Brits and 19 Entertainment. She has also produced documentaries such as Don Letts:Punk Attitude and was Personal Manager to The Prodigy front man, Keith ‘firestarter’ Flint. And with Rag & Bow has worked with On|Off, Channel 4, Tate & Supermarket Sarah.

Enough said. 

Well one more thing...she is launching a styling service for Brides and events. Aren't you a lucky lot!

We are thrilled to have her a bridal NEXT! judge and are kicking off our 'Meet the Judges' series with Miss Holtham.

1) There is not a Mr Holtham just yet, but have you got any plans for a future wedding dress?

I haven’t given my dress any thought but I love finding the perfect match for somebody else!

2) What will be the most important aspect of your wedding?

For me it will definitely be the people who attend, without them the day just wouldn’t be the same.

3) What do you think you will spend the most time planning?

Probably making sure there is cohesion throughout any creative elements of the day. Everyone knows even the tea-towels in my house have to have a design element. I’d probably be the nightmare person obsessing over the hues of the flowers and font on the invites.

4) Who excites you the most in the wedding industry right now?

Its more innovative wedding design blogs that inspire me such as who are great ambassador for a modern, design led wedding.

5) What will you be looking for at Bridal NEXT! ?

Someone who can seamlessly produce fresh, modern items in tandem with a thoughtfulness to the thoroughly traditional occasion. Craftsmanship and quality our always our top priority, duplicated in our vintage collections, combined with absolute individuality and innovation.

Beautiful and fashion forward wedding dress options that Rag & Bow have available

Wedding dresses for the fashionista from Rag & Bow

6) What are you working on right now?

We’re officially launching a bespoke personal styling service from mood board creation to sourcing dream dresses. We’re combining years of expert fashion knowledge, Hazel’s experienced professional styling skills and our specialist access to vintage sources and traders.

7) What is on your desk today?

London Fashion Week invites, Japanese Vogue and our continual to-do-list!

We leave you with Hazel's most inspirational wedding style couple she has encountered so far, her mum and dad. Ahhh.......


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  10. Wow, what an incredible lineup of judges for the bridal NEXT! competition! I'm thrilled to learn more about Hazel Holtham, the founding director of Rag & Bow. Her expertise in the bridal industry is truly unparalleled.
    I've always admired Rag & Bow for their unique and innovative approach to bridal fashion. Hazel has a keen eye for design and a knack for spotting emerging trends. I can't wait to see how she brings her expertise to the judging panel.
    It's refreshing to see someone like Hazel, who is not only knowledgeable but also passionate about showcasing the talent of up-and-coming bridal designers. Her experience and guidance will undoubtedly be invaluable to the contestants.
    I'm eagerly anticipating the results of the competition, knowing that Hazel Holtham is part of the judging panel. Her presence will undoubtedly elevate the event and inspire designers to push the boundaries of bridal fashion. Kudos to bridal NEXT! for assembling such an impressive panel of judges!

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