Thursday 10 December 2015

Glorious wedding tipis by the BOUTIQUE TENT COMPANY

For unique, extraordinary weddings, who doesn't love a tipi?!  

And now you can celebrate your nuptials whatever the weather in the most glorious tipis by the Boutique Tent Company.

Made in Lapland, their sturdy Scandinavian design enables them to withhold whatever the Great British weather has in store.

In the summer, the Tipis keep their cool, by allowing you to lift the sides and extend the party into the garden. Whilst in the winter, the Nordic inspired Tipis trap in the warmth, keeping you and your guests nice and snug.
The thrilling bit is that the cone shape and smoke hole at the top of the Tipi allow you to have a rustic open fire to add to the ambience of your event. 

The tents each hold up to 70 people for sit down parties, up to 100 for more informal gatherings and can be linked together for larger events. The tipis arrive as a blank canvas for you to decorate yourself or props and furniture can also be hired to fit your style, from retro to bohemian!

Founders, Jack and Tina, will get to know you and chat through all your ideas to make sure you have a magical celebration.

So, Jack and Tina, please talk us through your typical day

There isn't really a typical day for us!

As with any wedding supplier, the summer months are our busiest and most events fall on a weekend. With Saturday being the most popular day for weddings, we would typically start building the Tipis on a Thursday, giving our couples the Friday to jazz up the interior and add any finishing touches. 

A lot of behind the scenes work goes into the build and although we love the great outdoors, it's not much fun if the weather isn't on our side. 

The feeling at the end of a build, when we take a step back to admire the magnificent Tipis in all their glory after starting with just a bunch of wooden poles, makes it all worthwhile. 

During the quieter period after New Year, we take the time to do site visits, as this is a great opportunity for us to meet our couples and for them to ask us lots of questions - we're a family run business, so we take a personal approach and like to get to know our customers. 

What is inspiring you right now?

We are avid readers of blogs such as Boho Weddings, Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding, for inspiration on how to style our Tipis. We were very excited to have our wedding featured on Boho Weddings in October - you can see it here

Pinterest has also been a great hub of inspiration for us and is where we have sourced ideas for our lighting collection and hire items. 

We love seeing the creative ways couples have brought their Tipis to life, from vintage furnishings, to lovingly handmade decorations. The great thing about starting with a blank canvas is that you can truly make it your own, and no two Tipi weddings are the same. 

Describe a Boutique Tent Company Bride!

Our Tipis add the wow factor in any setting and suit many themes, from the bohemian bride celebrating in festival style, to the country chic bride looking for a little rustic charm. 

Whatever her individual style, a Boutique Tent Company bride is fun, laid back - and one thing is for sure, she knows how to throw a great party! 

The Boutique Tent Company is exhibiting at our 2016 London show at the Old Truman Brewery so get your tickets now and start planning your unique wedding party!


  1. These ideas so awesome! I lovee it! I'm getting married next August, that's why I'm looking for cool and fresh ideas. Thank's for such inspirational posts! :)

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